PRN: Robots Just Got Their Own Encyclopedia

Robots Just Got Their Own Encyclopedia’s customers are actively searching for more information about their robokind friends, toys and domestic attendants. This demand sparked the creation of the encyclopedia for robots: The Robopedia.

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The past months were very busy at Thousands of people from all around the world downloaded robot-apps from the marketplace and granted new feats to their robots. Surprisingly, the users’ interaction with the website didn’t stop there. People are contacting the website’s customer-service department with requests for more information about their robots, and about the components and sensors involved in the apps they’ve downloaded.

“This was a good surprise,” said Elad Inbar, the founder of, “Our users are deeply involved with our service; More than 70% of our customer-service requests are for more information.” These findings are gleaned from seven months of ongoing discussion with thousands of robot-owners. “This hunger for knowledge has triggered our team to create the first encyclopedia for robots – the Robopedia.” ( )

According to the company, the first encyclopedia items were selected from the most common questions their users asked, but it is not going to stop there as Mr. Inbar explained: “The Robopedia is expected to keep growing; More and more items are being added every day by our community. Everyone has an opportunity to edit, or add items.” The topics cover the present and future of robots, their components and concepts. It enables beginners and seasoned developers to obtain clarity about robotics’ acronyms and terminology.

Under the supervision of Anna Sandler, Head of Product Development, the Robopedia also offers in-depth knowledgebase articles covering step-by-step application-development for numerous robots. (


Founded in 2011, the Robot App Store ( is the first marketplace for robot-apps. As an open market, it is one of the most important ingredients to the success of the domestic robotics world. The website offers applications for every robot, from vacuum cleaners to humanoid robots, and supports various platforms and operating systems. Using, robot-owners can download apps for their robots, and developers can earn money from their applications.

Elad Inbar



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