PRN: VonChurch Announces North America’s First Recruiting Operation for iGaming

VonChurch Announces North America’s First Recruiting Operation for iGaming

Online gambling laws poised to change, top digital entertainment recruiter offers companies a place to find the talent to grow

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Today VonChurch, the leading global Digital Entertainment recruiting firm, announced the opening of a new division designed to recruit exclusively for the North American iGaming market. This group will be the first of its kind catering to iGaming in the North American market, a growing part of what is already a $35 billion market globally.

“There are big iGaming opportunities emerging in the free-to-play and social gaming spaces,” said Alex Churchill, CEO of VonChurch. “Both are markets where traditional gambling companies are lagging behind and VonChurch is the only firm that understands the talent needs of the companies poised to capitalize on this trend.”

Since the Department of Justice opened the way for states to pass online gambling legislation in December 2011, states like California, New Jersey and Nevada have been pushing to pass laws that allow online gambling. Combining the mechanics of social gaming – 68.7 million users in the United States—with the stakes of gambling, iGaming looks to make a huge impact on U.S. gaming.

“Currently social casino gaming represents 13 percent of all the players on Facebook,” said Churchill. “With the promise of changing laws becoming a reality, land based casino’s are rushing into the social territory.”

Because iGaming is new to the United States and requires a specialized skill sets, finding the right talent will be difficult for companies looking to grow in the iGaming space stateside. VonChurch is uniquely positioned to serve these companies already working with Ruby Seven Studio, Blue shell games and BitRhymes. The firm recruits for more than 250 companies in social, mobile and console gaming, including Kabam, Konami, PopCap, Disney, Rockstar Games and Sony.

About VonChurch

VonChurch is a recruiting firm working exclusively within the digital entertainment industry. We offer contract and permanent staffing solutions on both a local and global level to the social, console, mobile, MMO and interactive creative content niches that need top-tier talent.

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