PRN: Google Chrome Learns to Cook from Eat24

Google Chrome Learns to Cook from Eat24

Eat24 takes advantage of the world’s fastest web browser with new extension and app.

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —, the quintessential destination on the web for ordering delivery and takeout, has released a brand new Chrome extension, part of an ongoing effort to make ordering food online even easier. Now a single mouse click connects users to over 20,000 restaurants in over 750 cities nationwide, with more being added every day.


“Pinterest recipes always look delicious, but after a long day at work, we’d rather download food directly into our mouths. That’s exactly what our Google extension does. No matter where you are on the Internet, a bacon cheeseburger is only one click away,” says Nadav Sharon, co-founder of Eat24.

The launch of Eat24’s Chrome extension is the first of its kind and has already seen hundreds of downloads in the first few days. By simply installing the extension, users will have quick, immediate access to Eat24’s most popular site features. In one click they can start a new order, re-order favorites, check their order status with 24/7 live support, or add a quick note to remind themselves to order a dish again, or avoid it completely. Plus with an integrated messaging system, they will receive exclusive coupons, announcements, and special offers as soon as they become available.

“We often find ourselves working late, long hours and sometimes we forget to eat,” says Nadav. “Whether you’re tired, drunk, or just plain lazy, we want to make your online ordering experience effortless. So until your browser learns how to cook, this will be the easiest, fastest way to order food on the web.”

Test drive Eat24’s Google Chrome extension now:

About Eat24
Eat24, the premier destination for fast and easy online food ordering, brings users access to over one million dishes from 20,000 local restaurants in 750 cities nationwide. Through the company’s free service on, customers can search for local restaurants by cuisine, dish or proximity to home, read user reviews, receive exclusive discounts and complete their order in one streamlined process from start to finish. Founded in 2008, Eat24 is a privately held company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area. To learn more about Eat24, please visit, and .



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