PRN: AppFlow Launches the World’s First Crowdsourced App Discovery Platform

AppFlow Launches the World’s First Crowdsourced App Discovery Platform

With iPhone app launch AppFlow is aiming to redefine app discovery

SAN FRANCISCO, August 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

AppFlow is revolutionizing the way people discover apps with their newly launched iOS application. Following the success of AppFlow for Windows Phone 7 – being the largest third party app discovery tool on the platform ers – the company has built an experience tailored for iOS.

With over 650.000 apps available in the iOS app store finding the ones worthy of downloading is getting extremely difficult. AppFlow takes a fresh approach by allowing users to take a deep dive into the App Store selection and discover new and amazing apps.

“There are so many great things your smartphone can do with apps – and users are simply not aware of most of this . With AppFlow our goal is to showcase how much apps can add to your phone experience and to provide inspiration through a visually amazing experience” said Balint Orosz, Appflow CEO. “By integrating the social layer and allowing users to create app lists we are basically crowdsourcing the App Store model. The difference is that Apple only showcases a handful of apps, AppFlow, however comes with much richer content. AppFlow users can browse deep down, discovering apps the way and finding the one to download next – which is an app they probably didn’t even know existed before.”

Deep and visually engaging browsing experience is the key for AppFlow. “Based on the analytics of AppFlow for Windows Phone 7 we discovered that users prefer to browse and visually inspect lots of apps before choosing to download one. We built a user interface tailored for this experience, making AppFlow the best platform to discover new apps” – added Laszlo Zold, AppFlow CTO.

In AppFlow users can simply create their own App Lists such as “Great Weather Apps” or “Best News Readers for iPhone”. These App Lists are public and other users can browse them – either from the app or via the AppFlow website. Users can also follow App Lists and when doing so, receive notifications on new apps being added to these lists.

Crafted by award winning designers and developers the app provides a unique and visually rich experience for users – and makes app discovery an amazing experience.

About AppFlow

AppFlow is the world’s first crowdsourced app discovery platform. The mission of AppFlow is to fundamentally change how people discover apps.

AppFlow can be downloaded at You can follow us at AppFlow Inc. is based in Redwood City, California.

SOURCE AppFlow Inc.


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