PRN: Actress Kaley Cuoco Makes A Big Bang As the Newest Face of Proactiv®, America’s #1 Acne System

Actress Kaley Cuoco Makes A Big Bang As the Newest Face of Proactiv®, America’s #1 Acne System

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Aug. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Kaley Cuoco understands that having acne is not funny. After finding Proactiv more than ten years ago, Kaley is joining with America’s #1 acne system to show breakouts exactly who has the last laugh.


Kaley is yet another loyal customer- turned- spokesperson. She recently filmed her first television advertising campaign with Proactiv in Los Angeles before going back on set for Season Six of the hit show “The Big Bang Theory.” Kaley’s Proactiv campaign will begin airing in fall 2012.

Kaley’s history with breakouts began as a teenager when she was cast on her first hit show. As a 16-year-old, she felt so self-conscious, she asked the director to only film her from certain angles to hide her breakouts from the camera.

“Acne can destroy your self esteem, so I was desperate to find a product that would help clear my skin. I fell into the trap of believing that if skincare is expensive, it must work. But after months of trying various creams and cleansers, my acne became worse,” said Kaley. “My mom bought me Proactiv as a gift and within days of using the products, my skin began to clear. Ten years later, Proactiv is still my go-to skincare system. I have it in my shower, on set, in my travel bag- it has become a part of my lifestyle. Just like eating right and working out, I have to work to maintain my clear skin. And, I can with the help of Proactiv.”

Kaley’s TV spots will highlight her long-standing favorite Proactiv products including the 3-Step System, Mini Maintenance System Travel Kit, Refining Mask and Daily Protection Plus Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 among others.

Since launching more than 16 years ago, millions have turned to Proactiv, including celebrities like Naya Rivera, Julianne Hough and Justin Bieber, for help in beating their breakouts. More information on Proactiv can be found at

Fans of Kaley Cuoco can visit Proactiv’s Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channels for more information, images and behind-the-scenes footage from her Proactiv commercial shoot:

About Proactiv®
For more than 16 years, Proactiv® Solution, America’s No. 1 acne system, has been a leader in acne prevention and treatment. With exclusive micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide, Proactiv directly targets acne-causing bacteria and other impurities like oil and dirt, to clear existing acne blemishes and help prevent new acne blemishes from forming. Proactiv has a complete line of products, beyond the iconic 3-Step System, formulated specifically for acne prone skin including moisturizers, sunscreens, spot treatments and body washes.

Proactiv was developed by leading dermatologists, Katie Rodan, M.D. and Kathy Fields, M.D. It has been used by millions of women, men and teens around the world and has been recognized with 30 awards and honors from the beauty and health industry.

Proactiv Solution is distributed by Guthy-Renker and can be purchased by calling (888) 819-2019 or online at

About Guthy-Renker, LLC
Guthy-Renker is one of the world’s largest and most respected direct marketing companies, with distribution in more than 68 countries. Since 1988, Guthy-Renker has discovered and developed dozens of well-loved, high quality consumer products in the beauty, skincare, entertainment and wellness categories. Known for moving, award-winning productions and marketing campaigns featuring some of today’s leading celebrities, the Company has been credited with transforming the broadcast direct marketing industry.

Co-Founders and Co-Chairmen Bill Guthy and Greg Renker have set industry standards for trust, integrity and best practices and along the way, have helped shape industry governing policies. Greg Renker is a founding member of leading industry trade organizatio n, the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA). He was elected the first chairman of the ERA’s Executive Committee /Board of Directors and now serves as Chairman Emeritus.

More than sixteen years ago, Guthy-Renker introduced Proactiv Solution leveraging its unique style of marketing to bring a revolutionary new approach to acne treatment direct to consumers. Proactiv has become the world’s best selling acne treatment product, helping millions to achieve the goal of clear skin.

Guthy-Renker has a superior track record of customer satisfaction. Its direct to consumer model allows consumers to purchase products at a guaranteed low monthly price with generous extended return policies.

Guthy-Renker is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA with offices in Palm Desert, CA; San Francisco, CA; London, England; Malmo, Sweden; Wiesbaden, Germany; Helsinki, Finland; Shanghai, China; Tokyo, Japan; Sydney, Australia; and New Delhi, India.

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PRN: Average Fuel Economy for New Cars Sold Up After Three Months of Decline to 23.1 MPG in July 2012 According to’s TrueMPG

Average Fuel Economy for New Cars Sold Up After Three Months of Decline to 23.1 MPG in July 2012 According to’s TrueMPG

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Aug. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —, the authority on new car pricing information, trends and forecasting, today provided actual fuel economy numbers from June light vehicle auto sales that indicate TrueMPG™ increased to 23.1 mpg in July 2012 compared to 21.6 mpg in July 2011, and increased from May 2012 at 23.0 mpg. Just four years ago, in May 2008, TrueMPG was 21.2 mpg.


“There is a very strong correlation, nearly 71 percent, between TrueMPG and average gas prices since January of 2010, indicating that the prices at the pump influence consumer preferences,” said Jesse Toprak, Vice President of Market Intelligence at “Manufacturers have been responding by offering a larger mix of smaller vehicles and improving efficiencies on their existing larger vehicle engines, as evidenced by the significant improvement in TrueMPG in the recent years.”

Below is how the top seven manufacturers fared comparing overall mpg, broken out by car and truck mpg:

Average TrueMPG Average Car TrueMPG Average Truck TrueMPG
Manufacturer Jul-12 Jul-11 YoY Jul-12 Jul-11 YoY Jul-12 Jul-11 YoY
Chrysler 19.7 18.9 0.7 23.0 22.2 0.8 18.3 17.8 0.6
Ford 22.0 20.5 1.5 26.2 25.0 1.2 19.7 18.6 1.1
GM 21.1 20.6 0.6 25.3 23.8 1.6 19.1 18.9 0.1
Honda 25.0 23.2 1.8 28.2 25.8 2.3 22.3 20.6 1.6
Hyundai 27.8 25.3 2.5 29.5 26.1 3.4 23.5 22.7 0.8
Nissan 23.2 22.7 0.5 26.0 25.5 0.5 20.1 19.8 0.3
Toyota 24.2 22.8 1.4 29.8 27.2 2.6 19.3 18.8 0.6
Volkswagen 26.4 24.9 1.5 27.6 26.5 1.1 21.9 19.9 2.0
Industry 23.1 21.6 1.5 26.9 24.9 2.0 19.8 19.0 0.8

According to, the TrueMPG for vehicles sold by U.S. manufacturers averaged 21.0 MPG in July 2012, up from 20.2 MPG in July 2011. European manufacturers increased their average fuel economy for vehicles sold from 21.3 MPG to 23.7 MPG; Japanese manufacturers increased their average fuel economy from last year at 23.0 MPG to 24.4 MPG; and South Korean manufacturers increased their average fuel economy for vehicles from 24.6 MPG to 27.8 MPG.

Below is a snapshot of a few vehicle segments and how they compare from July 2012 versus July 2011:

Average Small Car TrueMPG Average Midsize Car TrueMPG Average Large Truck TrueMPG
Manufacturer Jul-12 Jul-11 YoY Jul-12 Jul-11 YoY Jul-12 Jul-11 YoY
Chrysler 28.4 25.0 3.4 24.0 23.6 0.4 15.8 15.6 0.3
Ford 32.2 29.9 3.6 26.9 25.5 1.4 17.4 16.5 0.9
GM 30.1 28.7 1.4 26.1 23.2 2.9 17.1 17.1 0.0
Honda 31.9 26.2 5.8 25.8 25.4 0.4 17.2 16.9 0.3
Hyundai 31.2 27.9 3.3 27.9 24.8 3.1 N/A N/A N/A
Mazda 30.5 25.9 4.6 25.2 23.8 1.4 N/A N/A N/A
Mitsubishi 25.6 25.7 -0.1 24.3 24.3 0.0 N/A N/A N/A
Nissan 30.6 29.7 0.9 25.4 24.6 0.8 14.3 14.3 0.0
Subaru 28.0 22.2 5.7 24.4 24.1 0.3 N/A N/A N/A
Suzuki N/A N/A N/A 25.1 25.0 0.1 N/A N/A N/A
Toyota 34.2 32.8 1.4 28.1 24.7 3.4 15.5 15.6 -0.1
Volkswagen 31.1 29.5 1.6 28.7 23.4 5.2 N/A N/A N/A
Industry 31.6 28.8 2.8 26.5 24.5 2.0 16.7 16.5 0.2

TrueMPG™ is an easy-to-understand and objective way to comprehend monthly fuel economy averages by brand, manufacturer, origin and vehicle segments using Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) ratings based on estimated and/or actual monthly automotive sales-weighted data. seeks to provide transparency and truth in average fuel economy, providing an alternative view to Corporate Average Fuel Economy (“CAFE”) ratings that can be confusing and misleading. TrueMPG™ helps keep in perspective what each manufacturer’s average miles per gallon per car sold, computed monthly and annually, by using the EPA’s window sticker ratings.

TrueMPG™ computes monthly average fuel economy by brand, manufacturer, origin and vehicle segments by using actual sales data or forecasted sales data for the current month. Calculations start at the trim level, taking into account EPA fuel economy data including engine size and drivetrain that affect a vehicle’s MPG ratings; the sales share from each trim level is then calculated to create an average for each model. Brand level data is calculated by the sales share of each model and the manufacturer data is then based on the share of each brand, providing an accurate and completely data driven picture of actual measured MPGs in the market place. TrueCar utilizes the EPA’s average fuel economy rating using 45 percent highway and 55 percent city driving behavior.

For additional data on TrueMPG by brand, manufacturer, origin and vehicle segment, please visit the TrueCar Truth Blog. The TrueMPG data will be released in August’s TrueTrends report. You can follow TrueCar on Twitter (@TrueCar) and become a fan of TrueCar on Facebook and Google+.

About TrueCar, Inc.
TrueCar, Inc. is an online automotive information and communications platform focused on creating a better car buying experience for dealers and consumers. Consumers want a hassle-free car buying experience and dealers want high-quality sales velocity. TrueCar helps achieve these goals by providing unbiased market information on new car transactions and by supplying an online communications platform through which dealers and consumers can communicate with each other. TrueCar’s market-based information provides both consumers and dealers with an accurate and comprehensive understanding of what others actually paid recently for similar vehicles, both locally and nationally. TrueCar’s communications platform then allows informed, ready-to-buy consumers to communicate directly with participating dealers. Some of the nation’s largest and most well respected membership and service organizations rely on websites powered by TrueCar to help educate their members and customers who are in the automotive market. TrueCar is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, and has offices in San Francisco, CA, and Austin, TX. After experiencing dramatic growth since 2006,TrueCar is developing a suite of products and services centered on radical clarity through the comprehensive analysis of market data and information. TrueCar’s participating dealer partners have sold over 500,000 new vehicles to TrueCar users nationwide.

This press release and the information contained herein is for noncommercial use on “as-is, as available” basis and may be used for informational purposes only. TrueCar makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information contained in this press release and the results of the use of such information, including without limitation, the implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. The information contained in this press release may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Neither TrueCar nor any of its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates or respective partners, officers, or directors, employees or agents shall be held liable for any damages, whether direct, incidental, indirect, special or consequential, including without limitation lost revenues or lost profits, arising from or in connection with your use or reliance on the information presen ted in this press release.