PRN: TalentBin Helps COMPAS Navigate Social Recruiting With Full Talent Search Engine Integration

TalentBin Helps COMPAS Navigate Social Recruiting With Full Talent Search Engine Integration

Corporate Recruiting Departments and Staffing Agencies Alike Now Have Power to Source the Web for Hard-to-Find Top Talent on Super Versatile COMPAS Talent Management SaaS Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — TalentBin, the talent search engine that turbo-charges talent discovery across the web, today announced full integration with COMPAS Technology, a provider of SaaS talent management solutions tailored to corporate recruiters and staffing agencies. From directly within the COMPAS Applicant Tracking System (ATS) module, users now have the ability to utilize TalentBin to scour the entire professional web and social media communities to find and engage with the candidates who meet their specific experience and skills requirements – creating richer talent pools than ever before.

More than 100 leading companies, including Facebook, Groupon, Dolby, and Yahoo!, rely on TalentBin’s Talent Search Engine for their social recruiting needs. TalentBin crawls social media and industry-specific web communities to identify potential job candidates, zeroing in on pertinent career information (skills, expertise, etc.) and merging them into a single unified web resume. Organizations can now access TalentBin’s web sourcing capabilities from right within their COMPAS application, adding a powerful, proactive social recruiting toolset to complement COMPAS’ existing suite of Applicant Tracking functionality, empowering recruiters to identify hard-to-find passive candidates in addition to attracting active job seekers.

“The COMPAS founders come from real-world recruiting, so this experience is in both our company’s and our product’s DNA. We have in-the-trenches knowledge of what will work and what won’t for corporate hiring managers and staffing pros. As such, we’re dedicated to steadily incorporating best-in-class, highly applicable new features and technology to our platform to solve genuine recruiting needs,” said Tommy Semereaux, Director of Product at COMPAS Technology. “TalentBin does an excellent job of finding talent that matches highly specific requirements, whether the prospective hire is looking for a career change or not. This ability to go beyond job boards to proactively search, engage, and add new candidate profiles to talent pools gives COMPAS users a serious competitive advantage in the war for talent.”

As part of the talent discovery process, TalentBin aggregates a candidate’s “implicit” professional activity: the skills and interests they reveal across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Meetup, Quora, and more that might not make it to their resumes. Coupled with other industry-specific social communities like Github, Sourceforge, and Bitbucket for software engineering, for example, this bolsters passive professional profiles with information that’s vital to helping recruiters determine ideal job fit. The result is a more accurate, 360-degree view of a candidate that covers everything from professional skills to personal interests. TalentBin then takes it one step further, compiling all contact information such as email addresses, Twitter handles, and more to help facilitate direct candidate engagement.

“COMPAS has a very discerning eye for what they add to their platform, and for good reason. To compete with other ATS and full Talent Management Systems, they keep their feature set highly intuitive, and highly applicable to the task of recruiting – which makes our talent search engine a natural fit,” said Pete Kazanjy, Co-Founder of TalentBin. “Human capital is the lifeblood of today’s market, accounting for the winners and losers in just about any industry. The truth is, the most coveted talent is rarely looking for a new job – so it’s the jobs that need to find them. Rather than sitting back and hoping they’ll apply, companies need to go out and proactively find their next rock star employees. TalentBin was designed to do just that, and now brings that invaluable capability to COMPAS.”

TalentBin offers an API for seamless integrations with a wide range of software partners. The TalentBin solution already has over 200 million candidate profiles cultivated from over 30 professional social media communities, and growing. To make TalentBin a part of your talent sourcing and acquisition strategy, visit

About COMPAS Technology

COMPAS Technology is an enterprise cloud computing company that developed cutting edge SaaS recruiting applications. COMPAS was developed by a San Francisco based recruiting team who was thoroughly dissatisfied with the functionality, pricing of the tools and technologies available for recruiting and staffing. Adhering to the core principles of “simplicity”, “speed” and “software-as-a-service” the team grew COMPAS from a simple Applicant Tracking System into a comprehensive and powerful tool which fundamentally enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruiting and staffing process.

Today COMPAS has 2 core products that are 100% cloud based (No Local Software Required, can be used on any browser, or any device) and serves both corporate recruiting departments and staffing agencies. The products have been quickly adopted by enterprise level companies of 10 thousand plus employees with an international reach and small organizations ranging from 40 to 100 employees. For more, visit

About TalentBin

Based in San Francisco, TalentBin is focused on turbo-charging talent acquisition for recruiters and hiring managers with its talent search engine, turning the web into a virtually endless talent sourcing database. By crawling targeted professional networking sites to pull together composite web resumes – adding vital skills and expertise to traditionally sparse profiles – it helps make fast and definitive job matches. TalentBin has aggregated over 200 million professional profiles to date, and provides user access from anywhere as a web application, as a browser plug-in for Google Chrome, or within existing Recruiting CRM, ATS, or HRIS system through an API. With staff hailing from VMWare, eBay, and LinkedIn, TalentBin is funded by First Round Capital, Charles River Ventures, and Ron Conway’s SV Angel. For more, visit

CONTACT: Jennifer Herits, 609-279-0050 ext. 103, jennifer

SOURCE TalentBin


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