PRN: Green Coffee Extract Continues Dominance Amongst Summer’s Top Weight Loss Products

Green Coffee Extract Continues Dominance Amongst Summer’s Top Weight Loss Products

With no shortages of natural weight loss supplements to choose from, one pure green coffee bean extract continues its sheer dominance and ever-growing presence as Green Coffee PURE shines on.

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — As the summer heat continues to blast and more skin is being revealed, weight loss enthusiasts are always on the lookout for quality, natural, results-oriented diet fixes, weight loss supplements, and lifestyle choice recommendations to follow.


While there seems to be a new trending diet or fad weight-loss supplement to try at any given time, there has been one reoccurring supplement to explode on to the scene this year and that is green coffee bean extract.

With no shortage of media exposure and scientific backing, pure green coffee bean extract, derived from whole coffee fruit or the little red coffee cherry berries harvested all over the world, has continued its 2012 dominance amongst all natural solutions and remedies to lose weight quicker than ordinary diet and exercise routines alone.

While the year of 2012 from a health perspective has been overshadowed by nation-wide health care plans, drama, and news, one pure green coffee bean extract has shared the spotlight amongst the giants and titans of the industry as a natural approach and alternative for boosting bodily health.

All the attention and energy shifted beginning with a major University study revealing the potentially beneficial extract of pure chlorogenic acids, better known and paraphrased as green coffee bean extract.

Experiencing an unprecedented massive rippling effect of the alleged health properties, coffee bean extracts have went down a never-saw or seen path essentially crowning pure green coffee beans as the new king for losing excess body fat and weight.

Not only has green coffee extract been touted, decorated, and recognized as a weight loss benefactor, but also has been acknowledged for its ability to boost energy levels naturally.

While it will not take long doing any amount of online research reviewing the facts and information surrounding pure green coffee extract, there are two distinct elements at play here that must be documented:

1) Mid-Spring Dr Oz labels pure green coffee bean extract for weight loss*
2) Mid-Summer Starbucks Refreshers coins green coffee extract as a natural energy source and booster*

Between these two media juggernauts and the numerous established and publicized green coffee studies, pure green coffee bean extract is the clear-cut winner and go-to ingredient to try in order to resolve and regain back your health.

While it is easy to praise, hope, and wish for a one-stop-shop cure-all end-all weight loss product, nothing will ever replace what dietary habits and choices you take and stick to.

Gut intuition and common sense says being self-discipline and responsible for quality decisions and actions when it comes to eating a whole foods diet is always the best bet in the battle against the bulge.

Due to the frequency and sheer amount of food consumed on a regular and daily basis, eating nutrient dense whole foods will always provide the most profound and influential impacts towards losing weight faster and regaining your youth and vigor.

Natural supplements with pure green coffee bean extract should be looked at as an addition to daily dietary and lifestyle choices in order to witness the fastest benefits and results.

With all of the news giving birth to the idea that whole, raw coffee berry cherry fruit contains a special extract for not only losing weight but gaining energy; one has to question the integrity and merit of the green coffee bean phenomena.

Rightfully so, many weight loss enthusiasts question and doubt the legitimacy of just how effective and real all of the media portrayal of green coffee bean extract really is.

Judging the surface level depiction and representation of the vast amount of information being shed on green coffee beans for weight loss and energy, it has put a completely new perspective and spin on just how versatile and valuable coffee beans, plants, and seeds can be.

Aside from oil industry, coffee is the second most regarded and traded commodity in the world and has now just witnessed a whole new shift as its stock continues to rise and prove its worth in the world.

As new science and technology continues to advance in the world of whole-body health and energy, there are a few underlying issues and causes that need to be addressed no matter where you fall in the spectrum of whole body health.

There are three universal health challenges and complications that must be made aware of in order to properly improve the vitality and health of the body.

1) Hydration – the lack of hydration (dehydration) is arguably the number one reason why humans age as we get older.
2) Stress/Inflammation – this should come as no surprise, but nearly 90% of every ailment, sickness, dis-ease, and illness originates from stress overload and deeply rooted inflammation
3) Joint Mobilization – as father time sets in, most lose their range of motion and ability to keep fluidity and supple elasticity in joints, skin, ligaments, tendons, etc.

These three health characteristics coupled with environmental pollution and factors essentially defy why the dreaded aging process is inevitable.

Being duly noted and concerned, the biggest and most promising factor of change will start with the foods consumed and dietary habits practiced.

Once proper food selection and lifestyle choices have been made, adding a green coffee bean extract supplement such as Green Coffee PURE may be in the best interest as it has clearly been shown to provide an extra boost and motivation towards getting over the hump and plateau so many dieters experience.

Green Coffee PURE is one of the highest quality and premium ingredient supplements featuring pure green coffee bean extract and chlorogenic acids.

For more information about the connection and correlation between green coffee bean extract for weight loss and energy, visit today.

Media Contact: Higher Health Green Coffee PURE, (530) 418-8423, info

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