PRN: Pinkerton-Led “Federation” of Security Companies Moves to the Cloud

Pinkerton-Led "Federation" of Security Companies Moves to the Cloud

Six security leaders to offer a single integrated online service.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — A coalition of security technology companies today unveiled The Vigilance Federation—an online intelligence service available through a single subscription out of the cloud. The service offers security intelligence tools and capabilities previously found only in government agencies and very large multinational corporations.

Led by Pinkerton Corporate Risk Management—the nation’s oldest professional protection firm, and one whose pioneering use of security technology dates back to the telegraph—The Vigilance Federation provides “a digital utility belt for people who take enterprise security risks seriously,” said Robert Dodge, Senior Vice President of Pinkerton. “The Federation delivers technology, information and analysis from six different companies, fused together as a service. We’re breaking new ground in the security industry—and are excited to be extending the reach of potentially life-saving security information and services to a full spectrum of large, mid-sized and small companies, and even individual customers.”

The Federation uses Swan Island Networks’ TIES® software as its common technology platform. TIES® was developed during six years of government-sponsored research projects, funded by U.S. defense and intelligence agencies. The Federation’s TIES® platform is hosted in Windows Azure because, according to Swan Island Networks CEO Charles Jennings, “Windows Azure provides us with the highest possible security. And, it offers full cloud agility and scalability—both of which are critical in emergencies.”

Hosted in Microsoft’s highly secure Windows Azure cloud, The Vigilance Federation’s features include global situational awareness dashboards; GPS tracking; targeted global satellite imagery; explosives detection service; cloud-based video surveillance; real-time cyber intelligence; “person-of-interest” link analysis visualization…and a whole menu of security services never before available to small and mid-sized businesses.

The Vigilance Federation recently passed its first real-world test when it was used extensively and successfully at the recent G8/NATO Summit in Chicago. It will also be used by a group of large company customers, and certain government agencies, and at both the Democrat and Republican conventions later this summer.

“Pinkerton’s new federation is an example of the kind of collaborative innovation that is now possible in the cloud,” said Microsoft Corp.’s Bill Hamilton, Director, Product Marketing, Windows Azure. “We are pleased this group of security companies chose Windows Azure because of its high security standards.”

Examples of how The Vigilance Federation has been used by commercial customers during its development phase include:

  • Supply Chain Security: Tracking cargo shipments across the US/Mexican border on Bing maps, using mobile GPS transponders.
  • Facility Protection: Providing all-hazards alerting (from severe weather to local crime) within a specified radius of individual facilities.
  • Event Management: Integrating both internal and external video surveillance cameras from multiple companies into a single neighborhood surveillance service during a civil disruption.

“We joined the Federation,” said David Ly, CEO of Iveda Solutions, an international cloud video surveillance company, “because the concept of bundling a wide variety of security services in one integrated feed made a lot of sense. Our customers want agility, economy and a single point-of-purchase, and the Federation delivers all three.”

The six founding companies in The Vigilance Federation are: Pinkerton, Swan Island Networks, Iveda Solutions, Breadcrumb, Advantage Factory and DetectaChem.

About the partners:


Pinkerton Corporate Risk Management is a leading global provider of security, investigations and risk management services, with offices in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Pinkerton is a division of Securitas, a global leader in security services with 295,000 employees in over 60 countries. For information, contact Robert Dodge at 415-808-1730 or email globalrisk.

Swan Island Networks, Inc.:

Based in Portland, Oregon, Swan Island Networks is a cloud services provider specializing in business intelligence solutions and cloud federation systems. Its flagship technology, TIES®, is a highly secure Software-as-a-Service for integrating, displaying, and sharing data from both open and confidential sources. For information please call 503-796-7926 or visit

Iveda Solutions:

Iveda Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB:IVDA) is a premier online surveillance technology innovator and Managed Video Services provider. Based in Mesa, AZ, with a subsidiary in Taiwan (MEGAsys), the company develops and markets enterprise-class cloud video surveillance services; and is a DHS Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology provider. For information call 800-385-8618 or visit

Breadcrumb, LLC:

Breadcrumb is a Location Based Services (LBS) Company that utilizes GPS transponder technology for executive protection, global workforce locator, vehicle and asset location and tracking. The company’s proprietary Intelligent Location Engine (ILE) resides in the Cloud where it communicates with smartphones, satellite phones, personal trackers and vehicles.

Advantage Factory:

Advantage Factory is a trusted Microsoft Silver Partner providing professional software development and consulting services. The company provides Microsoft platform development services with a special emphasis on Fusion Core Solution and Fusion Advantage for Public Safety; SharePoint for collaboration; and BizTalk for service-oriented architecture, enterprise service bus and application integration.


DetectaChem manufactures the Seeker, which is a rapidly deployable, hand-held, intelligent explosive and drug detection system. The Seeker provides trace-detection capability in a portable, fully automated, easy to operate device. The Seeker has been deployed and tested by multiple government agencies. For information contact Mark Kisner at 713-821-3230 or visit

SOURCE Swan Island Network, Inc.

Company Codes: OTC-BB:IVDA

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