PRN: Don’t Take Head Lice Back to School

Don’t Take Head Lice Back to School

Hair Fairies Can Eliminate Your To-do-list Nightmare

LOS ANGELES, July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Hair Fairies is ready for back-to-school children to be screened for head lice they may have picked up outdoors over the summer holiday. The salons with locations in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City and Fairfield, Conn., have trained technicians who know how to detect head lice and eliminate them, usually in one treatment.


“Summer is a busy season for head lice,” said Maria Botham, CEO of Hair Fairies. “Kids spend a lot of time together in summer camps or at sleep-overs, sharing pillows, sheets, brushes, headphones and hats and team sports have them sharing towels, protective headgear and caps. Our treatments are the safe solution for frantic families because everything we use is USDA organic certified.”

Hair Fairies has a high success rate because its three-step process has been proven for more than a decade. The technicians evaluate the stage of infestation, physically “nit-pick” the active lice and eggs from the head and provide treatment to condition the scalp and discourage immediate re-infestation. Manual removal of the lice is the only sure way to stop the parasites. This is done based on scientific research and with proprietary non-toxic products such as shampoos, combs and rinses developed and produced to USDA organic certification in the company’s laboratory in Riverside, Calif. Harsh chemicals are never part of Hair Fairies’ product ingredients. Hair Fairies is in its second decade of success with clients.

The company’s trained professionals treat clients in efficient sessions of one to three hours. This eliminates parents’ guess work that usually relies upon over-the-counter chemical-based shampoos that may be unnecessarily irritating and not effective. Families who wish to treat head lice at home may purchase Hair Fairies exclusive products and a “How To” video online.

Most insurance companies approve partial payment of Hair Fairies treatments that also qualify for Flexible Spending Accounts, a validation of the treatments’ success. More information about Hair Fairies, including its at-home program, is available at

SOURCE Hair Fairies


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