PRN: Bucketz Game Brings Innovative Use Of Physics, Balance and Humor to iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Bucketz Game Brings Innovative Use Of Physics, Balance and Humor to iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

SAN FRANCISCO, July 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Picnic Hippo, a mobile game development studio dedicated to delivering unforgettable experiences across the globe, has released its first iOS title, a feature-rich and intuitive physics-based action game called Bucketz, available now on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Bucketz is a game about balance, in which players join The Nine, an unlikely gang of heroes (aka: Bucketz) in their quest to restore balance and uncover the mystery behind the Dark Bucket and its minions. Game players must stash hundreds of flying items – everything from watermelons and voodoo dolls to micro organisms and entire planets into the buckets, while also fighting off a horde of devious shape-shifting minions and facing challenging obstacles and surprises at every turn. From sneaky bombs and helpful balloons to a mysterious gift box and a yin-yang capable of restoring balance, players can spice up the fun by utilizing or avoiding power ups and downs. A full-fledged in-game shop offers many epic and fun upgrades that players can purchase with the bucks they earn in bonus rounds.

Bucketz has all the ingredients of a hit game franchise thanks to the intuitive and engaging gameplay, beautiful high-quality animations, and catchy music. Difficulty increases as players advance, and no level plays the same way twice. Players must be on their toes (or thumbs) as items change and fly in from different directions during each play.

“Bucketz’s gameplay style, with its clever use of balance, is unique to the mobile games space,” said Bora Kutlu, creative director of Bucketz and Picnic Hippo game studio. “The stunning and colorful high-definition visuals take advantage of the superior Retina display inherent to the latest iPhone and iPad. The characters, which are animated using thousands of frames of hand drawn animations and voiced by professional Hollywood actors and actresses, will keep players laughing with sidesplitting one-liners and intriguing back stories.”

Bucketz currently includes five stages with 74 addictive levels featuring intense boss fights and extra game modes.

The Bucketz App is available for $1.99 from the App Store on for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at

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Picnic Hippo is a developer of high-quality mobile games and game franchises. It is based in the UK with offices in Istanbul, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Established in 2011, Picnic Hippo works with a team of talented individuals that share a passion for making games that break the mold in every possible way by blending the intuitive with the innovative. Delivering unforgettable experiences to gamers across the world is the company’s ultimate goal — excellence in all aspects is non-negotiable. The upcoming release of the company’s first game for the iOS platform, Bucketz, embodies all of these qualities. For more information visit Fans can like the company on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

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