PRN: New Version of Terracotta’s BigMemory Powers Ultra-fast Access to and Search of Terabytes of Data

New Version of Terracotta’s BigMemory Powers Ultra-fast Access to and Search of Terabytes of Data

BigMemory 3.7 Extends In-Memory Capacity by 10X; Expands Search to Terabyte Scale with Snap-in Security

, July 25, 2012 SAN FRANCISCO

/PRNewswire/ — Terracotta, Inc. today announced a new version of BigMemory, the industry’s leading in-memory big data management solution, in response to customer demand for ever-increasing scale. The new version, available immediately, includes significant enhancements in scalability, search and security, and further sets the bar for in-memory data management. BigMemory 3.7 is ideal for organizations that require real-time, in-memory access to terabytes of data to achieve unprecedented speed, performance and scale for the applications that power their business.


Faced with exploding data volumes – the big data challenge – and a need to instantaneously analyze and act on business information, companies are struggling with current big data solutions that require advanced programming skills and high-level data scientists. BigMemory provides a simple, snap-in solution that easily integrates into existing IT environments to deliver immediate business value. It unlocks the value in big data by maximizing the use of inexpensive memory (RAM) to deliver a comprehensive solution for real-time access to massive amounts of business data, delivering up to 1,000 times faster access to terabytes of data than any other technology.

“Terracotta’s BigMemory 3.7 in-memory data acceleration can change the cadence of business operations to support more immediate responses,” said Anne MacFarland, principal at MacFarland Consulting. “This can be a game-changer in many industries.”

Key capabilities and enhancements to BigMemory 3.7 include:

  • Massive Scale. In response to the exploding growth of customer data, Terracotta has increased the capacity of BigMemory by a factor of 10. With BigMemory 3.7, customers can fully utilize all the memory (RAM) in terabyte servers, and linearly add servers as needed, to deploy massive in-memory Big Data solutions.
  • In-memory Search. Search has become a critical capability in Terracotta’s big data deployments. With this new optimized release, data is indexed without significant overhead, empowering users to conduct fast searches with predictable low latencies across terabytes of in-memory data.
  • Enhanced Security. In response to customers’ requirements for out-of-the-box security integration, BigMemory 3.7 now provides transport level security via SSL and heightened security access for monitoring and managing deployments.

With over 500,000 enterprise deployments, including 70 percent of Global 1000 companies, the adoption of Terracotta’s in-memory data management solutions continues to significantly grow. BigMemory is widely used in global markets ranging from financial services, gaming, travel and telecommunications, transforming business operations at companies such as JP Morgan, Sabre, Comcast and Omnifone.

For example, a large national financial institution uses Terracotta to provide accurate fraud detection that can keep up with peak processing loads. With BigMemory they can identify fraud events in real-time, reducing their fraud detection-to-notification time from 45 minutes to less than four seconds. A leading telecommunications carrier seamlessly migrated their call-center to mobile customer self service by storing terabytes of customer data in machine memory. The new system, powered by BigMemory, reduced access latencies from 30 seconds per lookup to 30 milliseconds and revolutionized their customer interaction strategy by transforming the speed at which they can do business.

“The explosion of big data volume, velocity and variety creates business challenges that legacy platforms simply cannot address,” said Gary Nakamura, general manager of Terracotta. “BigMemory not only simplifies and dramatically improves big data management performance, but it does so at terabyte scale, creating real opportunities for business innovation for our customers.”

To learn more about BigMemory or to download a trial version of this latest release, please visit to download the product.

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About Terracotta, Inc.
Terracotta, Inc. is a leading provider of game changing Big Data management solutions for the enterprise. Its flagship product, BigMemory, is a Big Data in-memory solution that delivers performance at any scale. Terracotta’s other award winning data management solutions include Ehcache, the defacto caching standard for enterprise Java and Quartz, a leading job scheduler. Terracotta supports the data management needs of a majority of the Global 1000 with over 500,000 deployments of its products. Terracotta is a wholly owned subsidiary of Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW). For more information, please visit

SOURCE Terracotta, Inc.


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