PRN: BAYCAT launches The Show Must Go On, a fundraising campaign to replace stolen student laptops

BAYCAT launches The Show Must Go On, a fundraising campaign to replace stolen student laptops

SAN FRANCISCO, July 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — BAYCAT, the Bay Area nonprofit social enterprise that educates and employs underserved youth in the digital media arts, launched a campaign to raise $50,000 in 50 days so their students can continue to create award-winning short films.


The campaign has been put together in less than a week, following a burglary at BAYCAT last Thursday resulting in the loss of all student laptops.

“Beyond the cost of equipment, which is substantial for a relatively small nonprofit like us, the most devastating loss was five weeks of students’ work, including completed comic books, first cuts of short films, and other projects that cannot be replaced,” said Villy Wang, BAYCAT Founder and CEO.

This unfortunate event happened just two weeks before the world premiere of the screening of Zoom In: Episode 24 – Only In San Francisco, a youth-produced TV show, scheduled for July 26.

Stealing from a nonprofit that gives us an opportunity to do and create what we love is really shocking and devastating,” said Jayraj, a 16 year-old BAYCAT intern. “It’s like taking two steps forward and five back.”

“In the face of this loss the students have shown tremendous resiliency and they are working together even harder to complete the show by the deadline,” Wang continued. “They will not be set back and are proving to themselves and the world that the show must go on.”

Giving money to BAYCAT is helping me create and gives me a space to work that I don’t have at home. It affects me directly,” added Jayraj.

The campaign has many perks for donors and runs through Sept. 5. For more information and to learn how to contribute, please go to


The digital divide continues to grow, and underserved youth are not only left behind, but they also don’t believe a future in a creative field is attainable. At BAYCAT, through education, employment and entertainment in digital media, we empower underserved youth, helping them find a place in the world. We teach them digital media at the BAYCAT Academy; produce award-winning short films with BAYCAT Films so they can tell their stories; and through BAYCAT Studio, we employ them to create compelling, visual marketing services to corporations and organizations. More information can be found at



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