PRN: Key Code Media Announces the Formation of New Consulting and Design Division

Key Code Media Announces the Formation of New Consulting and Design Division

BURBANK, Calif., July 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Key Code Media announces the formation of their new Consulting and Design Division. Ed Locke will lead this division, which focuses on developing sources of competitive advantage for our clients. The team’s expertise spans engineering, IT, media workflows and financial modeling. The new Consulting and Design Division’s specialization and experience are in providing workflow automation, distribution pipelines, and solutions for effective asset management, all focused around metrics justifying the business’ investment.

Mike Cavanagh, President of Key Code Media, states, “Media creation and management is radically changing with increased complexity combined with the commoditization of products. Editorial product prices have dropped 1,000 percent over the last twelve years, yet the capabilities, features and complexity have increased at comparable rates. Our Consulting and Design Division has already been engaged in helping our clients leverage technology, while recognizing that effective labor utilization and intelligent platform choices define long-term financial success. Our clients’ success defines our success.”

Ed Locke, the Director of this Division, adds, “We’ve developed a methodology of solving problems and defining opportunities by integrating a technical and business approach to make our clients successful. The issues our clients are experiencing range from codec choices, archive issues, asset management platforms, workflow integration and efficient engineering. Our strategy allows us to fully discover our clients’ business and technical issues, diagnose, and collaboratively define issues and goals, then design an appropriate strategy and business process. Lastly, we execute this strategy to create a truly long-term win for our clients. We don’t just leave our clients with a plan, but help deliver the results expected from the plan. This approach contrasts significantly from the pure consulting model, which brings in professionals who don’t have the hands-on experience to understand how their theoretical solutions are actua lly deployed. Delivering a long-term solution is a differentiator Key Code Media offers. We structure the process to minimize our clients’ risks.”

Consulting and Design Division’s mission is to help our clients establish a high-quality decision process enabling them to understand the depth of the complex problems they are experiencing. In line with Key Code Media’s “Keeping You Ahead of Technology,” the goal is outcomes of success, actively creating value while working around our clients’ risk profile for growth.

Key Code Media supports solutions-based media applications, consulting and designing workflows leveraging automation, asset management, engineering, product management, technical documentation and workflow design.

Large projects include Trinity Broadcast’s iTBN,, Ovation TV, Dr. Phil, AOL, Ellen, Studio Walls (Disney), iTBN and City of Thousand Oaks.

Vendors represented include Avid Technology, Newtek, Autodesk, Facilis, Apple, Adobe, Harris, Assimilate, Digital Rapids, Cache-A, AJA, StorageDNA, Apple, HP, CATDV, Sonnet, G-Tech, JVC, Isilon, Rorke, Quantum, Sony Integration, Telestream and Panasonic. Key Code Media has offices in Burbank, Irvine, San Francisco, Santa Monica and Seattle.

Press Contact:

Ruth Nakada, Marketing

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