PRN: Gild Launches Technology Platform to Identify Top Developers Based on Merit, Not Marketing

Gild Launches Technology Platform to Identify Top Developers Based on Merit, Not Marketing

Gild Source: A Software Fix for the Broken Tech Recruiting Game

SAN FRANCISCO, July 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Gild today announced the launch of a new recruiting platform with social features that promises to change the rules of hiring tech talent. Software engineers and developers can now be discovered, evaluated and hired based on how well they program, instead of on factors like clever resume language, SEO keywords, connections or educational background – which may not reflect actual skill.


The company’s first product, Gild Source, gives Engineering and HR teams verified insights into the programming capabilities of candidates. Gild Source uses patent-pending code evaluation technology to score developers’ coding skills, which are then combined with social information to create comprehensive developer profiles.

“The hiring systems that have been in place for decades are not effective for the jobs of today,” said Sheeroy Desai, CEO and founder of Gild. “Most tech solutions are still merely resume aggregators, measuring social noise, marketing language and even educational background – when in fact today’s tech companies need to know a candidate’s skillset, and whether or not they’re a good fit for an organization.”

Although only out of beta for a little over a month, Gild has already been put to work by some of the most demanding companies in technology. “For any organization seeking top-notch developers, Gild Source helps take the guesswork out of identifying qualified candidates,” said L.J. Brock, Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Infrastructure at Red Hat. “Other sourcing tools simply provide a resume profile or summary, while Gild Source delivers us an immediate assessment of a candidate’s verified skill level, prior to engaging with the prospect.”

Gild Source was initially crafted with CIOs, CTOs and recruiters in mind. The technology incorporates social recruiting techniques along with ever-evolving algorithms that scour the online communities frequented by developers, such as GitHub, Bitbucket and Stack Overflow, scoring developers on skills like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ruby, PHP and more. Once key developers are identified, a Gild Score is given, alongside additional details such as location, academic background and personal interests. This information is packaged into an easy-to-navigate, yet in-depth, portfolio that provides hiring executives a clear picture of a candidate’s actual engineering ability, as well as insight into other factors that can determine “fit” within a team or organization.

Desai pointed out that the company’s overall mission is to create a meritocracy in hiring, and Gild Source is just the first step. “If you have talent, we can identify it. We solve the problem of helping organizations find the right talent for growth and profitability. At same time, we help individuals find the best opportunities for themselves.”

Gild Source has concluded a beta period with over 40 companies and 100 top recruiters, and has already garnered a client list that includes Red Hat, Facebook, Salesforce, and Akamai, among others.

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About Gild
HR and recruiting have been begging for innovation. That’s why Gild is here. Gild exists to bring meritocracy to the professional world by providing hiring solutions that illuminate who’s talented. Companies use Gild’s patent-pending hiring solutions to find and engage the best candidates out there. Unlike professional networks and job boards, Gild’s solutions tell companies how good different prospects are, and provide the social insights hiring teams need to engage prospects effectively. Launched in 2011, Gild is backed by Globespan Capital Partners and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Visit Gild at

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