PRN: Game Insight’s My Railway Goes Full Steam Ahead To iOS Devices

Game Insight’s My Railway Goes Full Steam Ahead To iOS Devices

Manifest destiny as you design, develop and expand your railroad empire

MOSCOW and SAN FRANCISCO, July 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Game Insight, a global leader in publishing and developing mobile and social games, has announced that its popular free-to-play game, My Railway, which was previously released on Android devices, is now available on iOS.

My Railway challenges players to go beyond standard city building and dust off your conductor’s hat from your childhood dreams. Put your managerial skills to the test, by building a transportation empire, one rail line at a time. Players can explore new territories and connect them with a bustling town that will grow as they gather valuable resources, haul valuable freight cross-country, and of course, enjoy large profits. My Railway includes a real-time economy that reflects supply in demand based on your production choices and stored resources. In the game, players can expect to find:

  • 10 different trains to command
  • More than 20 different types of freight
  • 19 different sets of more than 100 rare collectible items
  • Dozens of varied quests
  • A sprawling in-game continent to conquer and settle, piece by piece
  • Connect with friends via Social Media to help maintain their railway systems, share gifts and dispatch airships to deliver goods

My Railway takes players back to frontier days–back when the ambitions of visionaries turned uninhabited wilderness into vast travel and trade networks for the iron horse. Over the course of the game, players will build a bustling trade economy of agricultural crops, livestock, manufactured goods, and busy fares that need to book passage to the next town. My Railway is also a social experience that lets players import friends from their contact lists as well as from Facebook and Twitter.

My Railway is free to play and available now on the App Store for iOS. Download the game and become a railroad tycoon today!

Direct Link to My Railway HD for iPad on App Store:

Direct link to My Railway for iPhone on App Store:

Assets are available on our Press FTP:
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Password: erafGySPns

About Game Insight

Founded in 2010, Game Insight is a global leader in mobile and social mobile gaming with focus on both development and publishing of top-quality titles. The company’s portfolio of games serves all major platforms, including iOS, Android, social, and Web. All titles are released worldwide with localization in 17 languages. Original IPs are created and developed by Game Insight’s internal network of more than 300 developers, with external publishing opportunities for valued partner studios. The company is headquartered in Moscow, Russia with additional publishing offices in San Francisco, CA. Find more information on Game Insight at the official Web site:

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John Kopp
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