PRN: MePlusMy Offers The Instagram Antidote With Unfiltered Photos

MePlusMy Offers The Instagram Antidote With Unfiltered Photos

SAN FRANCISCO, July 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — AJP Apps, the startup best known for Twizgrid, announced the release of MePlusMy, a free photo contest app focused on raw images without filters or effects. Designed to capture the moment in a fresh, genuine manner, MePlusMy combats the abundance of filtered images found on Instagram and similar applications.


MePlusMy invites users to share photos of the world around them, without the opportunity to select images from their photo album or alter them prior to upload. This dynamic new application provides a simple approach, where users merely snap a photo using the built-in camera, add a descriptive title, and enter a competition. Members of the MePlusMy community can then vote and remark on their favorites.

A quick hashtag search on Instagram reveals over five million photos tagged “no filter” by entrants. MePlusMy aims to appeal to this growing group of realists, by exclusively allowing photo submissions through the custom camera. Co-Founder, Chauncey Regan, says, “Think of MePlusMy as the photo app equivalent of reality TV. We’ve done away with filters, and we’re providing users a truly candid experience.”

The unique submission structure of MePlusMy has an inherent legal benefit as well. Ms. Regan believes that, “MePlusMy addresses serious copyright infringement issues plaguing apps such as Instagram and Pinterest, where users frequently display content that is not their own. Restricting photo entries to images captured directly from our camera helps ensure that photos belong to the people sharing them.”

MePlusMy places a strong emphasis on competition, adding a unique twist to photo sharing. Entrants can compete in friendly Freestyle competitions that run weekly, or biweekly Contests, where winners receive valuable prizes. To encourage cross platform interaction, the app even offers bonus votes to photos shared on Twitter. Ms. Regan feels that, “MePlusMy introduces an edge to photo sharing, a quality lacking in the overly congratulatory Instagram environment. Our platform provides photographers who capture life beautifully, without the use of filters, a chance to showcase their true talent and even earn rewards.”

AJP Apps was founded in 2011 and is located in San Francisco, California. Their most recent project, Twizgrid, is the increasingly popular and comprehensive source for photos on Twitter. Twizgrid provides users a plethora of ways to discover amazing photo tweets, by subject, location or person. AJP Apps plans to run a perennial MePlusMy album on Twizgrid.

MePlusMy is available for free download on the iPhone, iPad , and iPod Touch.

For more information about MePlusMy, including information on hosting a contest, please visit chauncey.



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