PRN: US company Yellow Pedicab locates in Paris Region

US company Yellow Pedicab locates in Paris Region

SAN FRANCISCO, June 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — California-based company, Yellow Pedicab, is a huge success in Paris: during its first six months of operation,it hired 40 new employees and provided rides to over 6,000 passengers.


Yellow Pedicab offers Paris residents and visitors a new, eco-friendly and noise-free form of transportation. Yellow Pedicab will be featured in an upcoming United Nations documentary showing clean, non-polluting urban transport solutions for major cities around the world.

The company was selected by the Sorbonne University’s Master Program in Marketing as a case study in developing an international concept that benefits the environment and provides an alternative urban transportation option.

Yellow Pedicab has provided rides to over 6,000 passengers, including 15,000 tourists and Parisians. Yellow Pedicab’s team of drivers speaks over 13 different languages, facilitating communication for foreign tourists in Paris. The drivers have become Tourist Ambassadors for the city, providing essential information each day to tourists, such as directions to specific locations, and suggestions about things to do while visiting Paris.

An eco-friendly transport option

“Paris and its surrounding region is a dynamic, attractive location for international investors. And eco-friendly transport has a central role to play here, as evidenced by the arrival of new options like the pedicabs introduced by the American operator, Yellow Pedicab. We warmly welcome them to Paris!” – an enthusiastic welcome from Christian Sautter, Deputy Mayor of Paris, responsible for employment, economic development and international attractiveness.

“Our aim is to develop a fun and innovative way of traveling in the Paris Region. The Yellow Pedicabs are ideal for touring the capital, or simply getting from A to B. Our drivers, who speak both French and English, are there to serve everyone, Parisians and tourists,” explained Bruce Portner, CEO of Yellow Pedicab Ltd.

“France is the number one tourism destination in the world and is very open to investment from the US in that industry or any other. We are very excited that Yellow Pedicab has chosen to join the 4000 American companies already operating in France,” remarked Caroline Laporte, head of the Invest in France Agency office in San Francisco.

PRIME promotes Paris region’s assets and helps US companies launch business in the region. “I’m thrilled that Yellow Pedicab has chosen Paris for its location and established itself as the city’s premiere eco-friendly transportation,” said Xavier Wartelle, General Manager, PRIME.

PREDA, the Paris Region Economic Development Agency, supported Yellow Pedicab’s project launch throughout the entire process – in particular by facilitating contacts with commercial partners within the region. Yellow Pedicab also benefited from PREDA’s partnership with national employment service Pole Emploi when recruiting its drivers. The Paris economic development agency, Paris Developpement, connected Yellow Pedicab to the appropriate contacts at the technical services of the city Hall, and at Paris Prefecture de Police in charge of legal and regulatory issues.

The broad range of services and organizations that facilitate investment projects demonstrated their efficiency once again. Working alongside PREDA and its US-based agency PRIME, the Invest in France Agency (AFII), the Mairie de Paris, Paris Developpement and Pole Emploi pulled out all the stops to help this international business launch in the Paris Region.

About Yellow Pedicab
Bruce Portner
Chief Executive Director

2443 Filmore Street #310
San Francisco – California 94115 – USA
+1 415 519 3503

Immeuble Louis Vuitton – Level 5
101, avenue des Champs-Elysees
75008 Paris – France
+ 33 1 5652 9315

About PRIME and PREDA (Paris Region Economic Development Agency)

PRIME helps American companies innovate by connecting them with world-class scientists and research labs in the Paris region, and by streamlining access to R&D project funding. PRIME is funded by the Paris Region Economic Development Agency and is headquartered in San Francisco, with an office in Boston.

PREDA’s mission is to attract new investments to the region that will drive growth and create jobs. PREDA offers services tailored to the needs of companies launching or growing their business in the Paris Region: finding office space, assisting with recruitment, obtaining fiscal and legal advice, identifying commercial and R&D partners, media/promotional drives, and practical advice on day-to-day matters.

About Invest in France

The Invest in France Agency (IFA) is the national agency responsible for promoting, prospecting and facilitating international investment in France. It also coordinates initiatives to promote the economic attractiveness of France.

About Paris Developpement

Paris Developpement is Paris economic development agency. Paris Developpement provides practical solutions designed for international companies launching operations in Paris, offering confidential services throughout the entire process, as well as connections to the Parisian ecosystem and a community of experts.

For more information, please contact:

PREDA – Paris Region Economic Development Agency
Aude Colonna, Communication Manager
+33 (0)1 58 18 69 53

Marie Bahsa, Marketing Manager
+1 650 248 4933

Invest In France
Caroline Laporte, VP West Coast
+ 1 415 568 4594

SOURCE Yellow Pedicab


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