PRN: Smith Patten Community Outreach Announces New Fundraising Effort for Bay Area Youth Programs and Curricula

Smith Patten Community Outreach Announces New Fundraising Effort for Bay Area Youth Programs and Curricula

SAN FRANCISCO, June 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The prominent Bay Area employment law firm Smith Patten announced today a new effort in its Community Outreach program to raise funds for Bay Area youth programs and public schools.

“As public school funding diminishes and the public sector is faced with rounds and rounds of budget cuts, our ability to nurture and guide our future leaders seems to be in jeopardy. Everyone is talking about it. There’s just not enough money to go around, and no matter how you slice it someone is on the losing end. We’ll need to find creative ways to help close the gaps, especially for those important parts of our youth’s education that are deemed ‘non-essential’ activities when it comes to budget cuts,” said managing partner Spencer Smith.

Smith added, “This effort is focused on providing much needed capital and support for programs and curricula that encourage youth to acquire leadership skills to position them to succeed in their careers, contribute to their communities, and lead outstanding lives.”

Smith Patten’s employment law practice supports employees in creating safe, productive, and fair workplaces throughout the country. Dow Patten, a named partner, stated, “The purpose is to more closely align what we do in the courtroom with the everyday lives of tomorrow’s leaders.”

Through a program of direct contact, letters, person-to-person outreach, and local and community events, Smith Patten will be reaching out to create awareness and aggregate support to shore up those parts of our youths’ education and training that are at greatest risk of being cut, reduced, or phased out. By identifying particular important programs at risk, Smith Patten’s Community Outreach is focused on reversing the erosion of important elements of our youths’ upbringing and training to lead full and productive lives.

Robin Boyd, a Football Coach For the West Pittsburgh Youth Football organization, whose team is one of the first beneficiaries of Smith Patten’s Community Outreach, stated, “We’re able to provide uniforms for our team. My kids seeing a minority owned law firm stepping up and giving back to the community is huge to my kids’ self-esteem. My kids really believe they can be doctors and lawyers after meeting Mr. Smith and Mr. Patten.”

Smith Patten believes, “The health of communities depends upon our collective awareness and involvement in giving our youth the opportunities that we had growing up, and making sure that those things are not eroded. But it is not just making sure that we don’t lose those programs, curricula, and support that helped us become productive community members. This is about furthering those existing opportunities and opening up new possibilities for all youth, to help them as individuals become cognizant of the essential nature and power of community.”

To learn more about Smith Patten and to submit your program for consideration, you can visit Smith Patten’s web page at, or by calling Smith Patten at 415-402-0084.

SOURCE Smith Patten


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