PRN: A2B by HeroEco Strengthens its Partnership with e-Bike Dealers

A2B by HeroEco Strengthens its Partnership with e-Bike Dealers

SAN FRANCISCO, June 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Drawing on the design, engineering, production, and marketing resources of a global company, A2B™ e-bikes by HeroEco Inc. (formerly Ultra Motor USA) just announced the company’s top priority: strengthen the partnerships with its dealer network.

Following the recent purchase of Ultra Motor USA by HeroEco, A2B is using its superior capabilities to support dealers at the point-of-sale and enhance its after sales service. Part of the India-based Hero Group, which is one of the world’s largest bicycle and motorcycle manufacturers, the Hero Eco Division produces such globally sustainable products as electric and non-electric two wheelers and scooters.

Also, by using total quality management techniques, HeroEco is working to produce and more rapidly deliver A2B’s e-bikes to market. Among other steps being taken, A2B is increasing its inventory of e-bikes and parts in North America, enhancing logistics to speed delivery, and broadening service support capabilities for dealers via CRM and on-line portals.

During the spring and summer, the company is stepping up its marketing and merchandising programs. The goal is to clearly differentiate its A2B and Fast4ward brands – which feature five models – in terms of performance, innovation, reliability, and long-term value.

“We are keeping our plans simple and straightforward: design and build premium e-bikes, provide exceptional after-sales service, and build successful relationships with our partners, who are part of the largest electric bike dealer network anywhere,” said Eric Pearlman, General Manager of North America A2B by HeroEco.

About A2B by HeroEco

Under the A2B and Fast4ward brands by HeroEco, the company is producing world-class electric vehicles featuring the most stylish e-bike and e-scooters. The vehicles are equipped with the most advanced electric propulsion systems on the market today. The company’s motto is “Where Design Meets Performance.”

A2B by HeroEco now has offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, India, and the United States. The firm’s North American office is located at 1350 Fifth Street, Berkeley, California 94710.

A2B has the largest dealer network that covers major markets in the United States including New York City, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver. In addition, it serves a growing bicycle rental market in urban areas, resorts and Sunbelt cities.

The website is Also, visit A2B on Facebook.

SOURCE A2B by HeroEco


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