PRN: Sharethrough’s Promoted Video Analytics Now Support Videos Shared on Twitter

Sharethrough’s Promoted Video Analytics Now Support Videos Shared on Twitter

Select group of brand advertisers to integrate Sharethrough analytics product to gain full transparency into paid, earned and owned media for videos shared on Twitter

SAN FRANCISCO, June 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Sharethrough, a native video advertising platform, today announced that its Sharethrough Promoted Video Analytics product now supports videos on Twitter. For the first time, advertisers who promote their videos via paid Twitter ads (“Promoted Tweets”) can get full transparency into campaign performance across paid, earned and owned media efforts, allowing them to understand which Tweets and videos are most effective in driving engagement, views and sharing. A select group of high profile brand advertisers, including Toyota, McDonalds, Activision Publishing and Jarritos, have added Sharethrough Promoted Video Analytics to their Twitter video strategy and are launching the first campaigns with this integration.

While advertisers are increasingly using Twitter Promoted Tweets to promote their brand videos, their campaign measurement has previously been limited to tracking simple clicks and sharing data, not video engagement, view length, and earned media. Sharethrough Promoted Video Analytics gives brands unprecedented visibility into video engagement and earned media around their paid video promotions on Twitter.

Using Sharethrough Promoted Video Analytics to track videos on Twitter, brands can now:

  • Separately track views via owned, paid and earned. For the first time, brands will be able to see how many video views were earned through sharing of their Promoted Tweets, as well as which Tweets drove the most earned media lift.
  • Calculate effective cost-per-view. By separately tracking paid and earned views, brands can now calculate their effective cost per view by adding the free views generated through sharing to the paid views generated through paid promotion.
  • Understand video view length. Instead of wondering if people are actually watching their videos all the way through, brands can now see how long each user watched each video, where users are dropping off and even which Tweets drove the longest view lengths.
  • Visualize Tweets and shares across all Twitter. Sharethrough’s analytics dashboard gives brands a real-time view of social conversation around their promotions, including who’s tweeting, what people are saying and who the most influential users who tweeted are.

Twitter’s decision to focus its monetization strategy on natively integrated advertising products like Promoted Tweets, rather than standard display ad units, represents a key shift in the online advertising industry to non-interruptive, well-integrated ad experiences. Twitter’s Promoted Product suite offers marketers a powerful new channel to connect with consumers and provide a launch pad for branded content. The Twitter platform in turn also offers new opportunities for technology companies like Sharethrough to build products that help brands better understand, optimize, and plan their Twitter advertising campaigns.

“We share Twitter’s belief that quality advertising delivered through native experiences is the future, and they’ve built their entire monetization infrastructure around native advertising,” said Dan Greenberg, co-founder and CEO of Sharethrough. “Sharethrough is committed to furthering native advertising by working with companies like Twitter to help marketers gain deeper insights into their campaigns and optimize their performance. We believe it’s our job as a platform-agnostic technology company to bring transparency, technology solutions and insights to all platforms and publishers who are betting their future on native.”

About Sharethrough

Sharethrough is the first advertising technology platform built exclusively for social video advertising and native monetization. Fortune 1000 brands and their agencies work with Sharethrough to guarantee audiences and maximize social engagement for their original video content, and social web publishers partner with Sharethrough to create native, non-interruptive brand video placements. Founded in 2008, Sharethrough is a privately held company based in San Francisco, Calif. For more information about Sharethrough, please visit

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