PRN: Bloomspot Statistics Demonstrate ROI For Merchant Partners

Bloomspot Statistics Demonstrate ROI For Merchant Partners

72% Customer Repeat Rate and Significant Spend Beyond Offer Price for Participating Merchants

SAN FRANCISCO, June 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Bloomspot, a leading provider of exclusive local offers, released numbers today that demonstrate the value of local offers to merchant partners. According to data from Bloomspot, 72% of the customers who purchase offers from its partners become repeat patrons and spend an average of nearly $140 above the price of the offer they purchased.


Across verticals, customers spend beyond the price of the promotion. For example, in the fine dining category, customers have spent more than three times above the original price of the certificate, or $150. Beauty and spa offers demonstrate an average of $174 in spend above the offer price. By focusing squarely on the needs of merchant partners, Bloomspot connects businesses with highly sought out experiences to the right clientele.

Category $ Avg Price of Offer $ Avg Spend Above Offer Price % Repeat Rate
Beauty $65 $174 77%
Casual Dining $28 $95 88%
Fine Dining $45 $150 46%
Fitness $68 $266 210%
Retail & Services $78 $155 83%
Travel $177 $188 89%

* This data represents customer transactions with over 2,000 partners enrolled in Bloomspot’s Encore program. The figures reflect results over twelve months, as of May 2012. Bloomspot is the only local offer provider to make this transaction data public.

“As a company whose employees work on a commission basis, any special we run needs to attract the type of clientele who do not visit an establishment only when they have a massive coupon, but rather use coupons to explore the market and then return to those companies who best serve their needs,” said Brad Drummer, owner of Washington DC’s Nusta Spa. “Lucky for us, Bloomspot put us in touch with just such a base of amazing customers that purchased many additional services at full price and scheduled their next visit on the spot. One of our customers bought a $70 deal and has been back 11 times. She’s spent almost $1,000 in-store since we ran! I’m glad we chose Bloomspot to represent our brand.”

“Bloomspot delivers the promise of quality to our business partners and members. By introducing high caliber businesses to a very attractive customer base, we create long lasting relationships that benefit both parties,” said Lily Shen, Chief Marketing Officer of Bloomspot. “We don’t call ourselves a daily deal site. The phrase carries an implication that both the consumers and offers are commodities. Bloomspot builds relationships.”

About Encore
Bloomspot’s loyalty program, Encore, enables participating merchants to track customers’ repeat visits and spend amounts to identify the profitability and success of its offers. Secure tracking of partial credit card numbers enables customers to be rewarded seamlessly while merchants access data in real time.

About Bloomspot
Bloomspot ( is the best place for sophisticated shoppers to discover the best their city has to offer through exclusive discounts on great getaways, renowned restaurants, spa services and more. For merchant partners, Bloomspot offers unmatched transparency and access to their most desired clientele.

Tiffany Spencer
Bloomspot PR

SOURCE Bloomspot


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