PRN: Revl Goes Beyond The Traditional Resume

Revl Goes Beyond The Traditional Resume

Announces Private Beta Test of New Job Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, June 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Revl announces their highly anticipated private beta release, where individuals are matched to their dream job by experience, abilities, interests as well as preferred work culture. Frustrated by the limitations of a traditional resume, Boyd Sleeman (24), Julian van de Steeg (25) and Koen Bekkering (27), founders of AamigoO Group NV, one of Europe’s leading publicly traded Human Resource innovators ($520M in revenues), wanted to equal the playing field. For the trio developing “change the world job finding technology” was the natural next step.

Opening a San Francisco office in December, they invested seed money of $2million to create a visually compelling and uniquely effective platform. Now, once the individual develops their Revl profile they will stand out through their hard skills (what they have done), soft skills (who they are), uploaded videos, photos, projects and links to their social networks and specialized apps, which will improve qualifications. The impact of Revl is that once a profile is completed, Revl’s sophisticated technology instantly sends the right matched jobs, steamlining the job search process for both the job seeker and poster. CEO Boyd Sleeman states, “REVL gives dreams the wings to fly, transforming job search into a happy, active and confidence-building experience.”

Advisory Board Member, Heidi Roizen, Venture Partner of Draper Fisher Juvetson, Tivo Board Member and Professor at Stanford University states, “Revl’s brilliant team has a great track record in Human Resources and innovation. Their next generation unique career management platform aligns people to the jobs best suited to their skills, passions and culture, while employers will find better matches, improve productivity and reduce turnover. Revl’s creative approach to job search transcends existing platforms.”

Advisory Board member Kevin Wheeler, Research Affiliate at both the Institute for the Future and Stanford Research Institute, a foremost expert in talent management and human capital architecture states, “Revl is a fresh approach to the old challenge of getting people the jobs they excel at, which raises the overall quality of the hire. Revl will make a huge difference in the talent market. ”

To sum up Revl, Co-founder Julian van de Steeg, states, “Through creating a profile and using our tools, you can show the world who you are and get hired for it. ”

Apply for private beta test –

Media Contact:
Michele Kelly mkelly
Ed Fogelman ed
Kelly Fogelman Group



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