PRN: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Marks State Van’s Latest Grand Opening in Las Vegas

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Marks State Van’s Latest Grand Opening in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce welcomes Los Angeles’ trusted van rental service to its ranks

LOS ANGELES, June 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The City of Las Vegas, ever known as a place to cut loose, has cut the ribbon on a new spot for getting a rental van. Since the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, who arranged the ribbon cutting, consistently represents the who’s who of local businesses serving the community at large (not just the tourists), welcoming State Van could be regarded as a show of faith in State Van’s ability to provide a service that will truly benefit Nevada’s largest city. Indeed, in their time as a company offering van rental in Los Angeles, they’ve demonstrated that being a rental company dedicated entirely to vans and other large passenger vehicles means real benefits for sports teams, family reunions, musical groups, and o ther organizations in need of transportation. But what’s more, the expanding service of such a reliable van rental company is great for other local businesses in Las Vegas.

The utility of van rental is readily apparent to anyone who has ever taken a large group on a trip, but at State Van, passenger capacity isn’t the only benefit. They’ve raised the bar in terms of conversion van rental as well. Traveling in a van that has these creature comforts might seem like an extravagance, but when moving a group of elderly or injured passengers, the added room and extra fringe benefits can make the difference between a miserable trip and a pleasant one. Many car rental customers with special considerations have already made the switch to conversion van rental when added comfort is actually a necessity, and so can you. In addition, there are smaller 8 passenger vans for families in need of a rental car, and since State Van specializes in the upkeep of vans, families can trust the mechanical integrity of their rented vehicle.

As for the chamber of commerce, they know a good investment when they see one. By welcoming a low cost alternative to the big names in auto rental that offers larger vehicles like these they’re showing real insight; they know that moving passengers around the city means moving consumers and tourists from place to place. The business owners, for whom limited parking is a consideration, can be grateful that up to 15 passengers can fit in a rental from State Van, and that’s no small benefit in lean economic times like these. The chamber of commerce has shown the kind of forward thinking that will get us back on the road to economic recovery.

In addition to the new Las Vegas location, State Van still has its other locations open, offering van rental at LAX in Los Angeles as well as in San Francisco, and they still offer the same reliable service they always have. Whether you’re looking for a 15 passenger van in Los Angeles, a van conversion in San Francisco or large-capacity SUV in Las Vegas, look no further than State Van to cover all your needs.

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