PRN: Van Rentals: The Cure for the Summertime Touring Blues

Van Rentals: The Cure for the Summertime Touring Blues

State Van’s reasonable prices and high quality service makes it the go-to vehicle rental company for musicians and touring bands in Southern California and Nevada.

LOS ANGELES, May 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Anyone who follows the music business these days knows one thing: when it comes to musicians getting paid, touring is where it’s at. On the other hand, if you’re not the Killers or Foster the People, touring can also be an expensive proposition. Leaving aside the cost of food, hotels and all the rest, renting a 15 passenger van in Los Angeles from one of the big rental companies can be an expensive proposition that seriously cuts into touring revenues. The good news is that the reasonable prices and no-hassles service offered by State Van makes it easier than ever for budget-conscious musicians to squeeze every penny out of their travel dollar.

With a company like State Van, van rental in Los Angeles or Las Vegas remains one of the most economical ways there is to travel. It certainly beats trying to take several different vehicles on a long trip, often with rather limited space for musical instruments, amps, assorted computers and turntables. Aside from the inconvenience, with the current high gas prices in California, the cost of taking more than one vehicle on the road can be downright ruinous for musicians of modest means.

The outstanding prices and service offered by State Van makes it by far the best choice for bands on a budget to make their way. Indeed, with locations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and drop off locations in Burbank, Orange County, Long Beach, San Diego, Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Phoenix, State Van is clearly the best choice for bands travelling throughout the state of California and the Southwest.

Long trips can be enormous but hiccups do occasionally arise along the way. State Van is proud to provide the friendly, high quality support services that can make all the difference between a pleasant trip and, well, the opposite.

A family owned business, State Van also caters to church groups and community organizations of all types. Whether you need a rental van to LAX or a vehicle that will go for much longer distances throughout the state and the southwest, State Van is by far the best choice for bands on a budget. They pride themselves on being a rapidly growing firm that provides its clients with an outstanding and reasonably priced alternative to the large vehicle rental companies.

For further information about State Van, including discounts, rates, and locations, please visit

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