PRN: WellnessFX Launches Mobile App — A ‘Better Way to Manage your Health’ goes Mobile

WellnessFX Launches Mobile App — A ‘Better Way to Manage your Health’ goes Mobile

– Sophisticated Tools to Manage Supplements & Integrative Health Programs –

SAN FRANCISCO, May 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — WellnessFX announced today the launch of their iOS mobile app designed to help users build, manage and track their personal health goals. With the WellnessFX mobile app, users can research vitamins and supplements, scan supplements into their plan using a smartphone camera and then track and share their supplement plans with others. WellnessFX mobile is designed for those new to WellnessFX as well as those already using the company’s cloud-based health and wellness platform to manage their health online with advanced predictive diagnostics and personal care teams.

WellnessFX collects labs, runs comprehensive analysis, and provides a personal health record with clear markers on areas of concern. Their team of licensed health professionals then reviews the data to deliver personalized insight and actionable recommendations.

The app allows one to:

  • Research and understand the use of supplements through a partnership with Aisle7, a leading source of health data
  • Quickly add vitamins and supplements to a personal plan by scanning the barcodes
  • Capture daily activities like supplement use to track progress on a health plan
  • Compare supplement use with RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) levels to track performance against guidelines
  • See and share the biomarker data from WellnessFX personal health dashboard (for WellnessFX members)
  • Share supplement plan and results to social networks

“In exploring ways for everyone to engage with their health, we wanted to create a tool for people to effectively track and measure their supplement use as part of their individual integrative health plan,” notes WellnessFX CEO and founder, Jim Kean. “It’s a simple and powerful tool to make small changes, which accumulate over time, to better manage your health.”

The app works in conjunction with the WellnessFX platform, with feedback and engagement on daily activities that results in better health outcomes. WellnessFX offers its customers an alternative healthcare experience by providing online access and phone consultations with physicians and nutritionists powered by data from advanced predictive biomarkers. The platform further promotes engagement by tracking health improvements based on changes made in diet, exercise, lifestyle or supplement intake as suggested by the WellnessFX physician. The mobile app is yet another way WellnessFX makes it easier for people to engage with managing their health data and trends to achieve their personal health goals.

“Aisle7 is delighted we’re part of the WellnessFX service. They are a very innovative company providing personal data and information in an attractive and useful way to help consumers make healthy decisions based on their own health record,” said Dr. Skye Lininger, CEO of Aisle7. “Integrating the Aisle7 sophisticated supplement rating system into the WellnessFX platform, creates the first consumer application that will give individuals direct feedback on the impact of supplements on their health.”

Silicon Valley VC firms Floodgate, Javelin, and Voyager have backed the companies. Tim Ferriss, internationally renowned author and speaker is an advisor to WellnessFX.

For more information, go to:

About WellnessFX

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, WellnessFX is at the forefront of the consumer health revolution. WellnessFX meets the demand for a straightforward, accessible way to manage and understand one’s own health. WellnessFX provides easy access to health experts to help its users create personalized wellness roadmaps based on rich, personalized visualizations of leading health diagnostic test results. WellnessFX aggregates the underlying biomarkers of the primary detractors of wellness, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity.



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