PRN: “Come Lime with Us — Trinidad finds a home in San Francisco”

"Come Lime with Us — Trinidad finds a home in San Francisco"

The island’s famous doubles are a hit at AK Double Up food cart

SAN FRANCISCO, May 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Ask any “Trini,” when they land in Trinidad their first stop is at a food cart to inhale a few doubles. For those lucky enough to be in New York or Toronto, they can usually find a fix at home. Now San Franciscans have this same opportunity, thanks to AK Double Up food cart,

Doubles are Trinidad’s famous street food. These exotic sandwiches are comprised of two handcrafted rounds of bread called ‘baras’, which are filled with a delectable cook-down of curried chickpeas, topped with homemade chutney and habanero pepper sauce. In this case, the habanero sauce is a special family recipe from Aunty Kamla (AK); thus the name AK Double Up. The savory combination is a sublime, mouth-watering, unforgettable experience.

Julie Inalsingh, founder of AK Double Up, realized there was a market when her friends started making requests for her doubles. She now professionally makes doubles as an affordable eating option, using the highest quality ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible. AK Double Up is also environmentally conscious — recycling/composting all of its waste, using only compostable paper products, and turning its used oil into biofuel.

“Once our customers have their first, they keep coming back for more,” says Julie. “So we are excited about adding new cart locations. We are currently serving lunch at Clarence Place (off Townsend between 2nd and 3rd Streets) from Tuesdays-Fridays between 11:30 and 2:00pm.” AK Double up also participates in Off the Grid in Ft Mason on Friday evenings from 5:00 to 10:00pm, and they will soon have a location near Union Square. Note that Tweeters and Facebook fans are eligible for a promotion of 50% off their first doubles – yum!

About AK Double Up

AK Double Up’s founder, Julie Inalsingh, became addicted to doubles after her 1991 visit to Trinidad with her Trinidadian-born husband, Amar. She satisfied her cravings by making her own doubles and soon also got her friends hooked. Julie then gave up her teaching career to go full time with AK Double Up, so named because of her husband’s Aunty Kamla’s (AK) special family pepper sauce, AK Trini™, soon to be commercially available.

Contact Information

Julie Inalsingh



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