PRN: Bizo Opens Premium Business Audience Network to Real Time Bidding with Launch of BAX

Bizo Opens Premium Business Audience Network to Real Time Bidding with Launch of BAX

Bizo’s Business Audience Exchange (BAX) enables agency trading desks and media buyers to bid on premium business audience inventory in real-time

SAN FRANCISCO, May 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Bizo, the global leader in business audience marketing, today announced general availability of the Business Audience Exchange (BAX), a real-time bidding (RTB) enabled premium exchange of over 1,000 publishers of business news, technology, industry, professional and other related sites across the business Web. For the past four years, over 500 marketers and their agency partners have worked directly with Bizo to reach their target business audiences across Bizo’s premium business audience network. With the launch of BAX, trading desks and other media buyers can now bid on this premium inventory in real-time to support their own B2B or premium B2C campaigns.

The advent of RTB as a vehicle for buying and selling ad inventory online has the potential to inject substantial efficiencies into the online advertising ecosystem, and create tremendous value for both advertisers and publishers alike. To date, the limiting factor with RTB in terms of its effectiveness in driving actual campaign success for advertisers often comes down to the quality of the exchange inventory. BAX changes the RTB game by 1) enabling media buyers with the most premium inventory available, and 2) maintaining publisher integrity through blind access and significantly higher rates than they have traditionally been able to earn through RTB.

“In our mission to help marketers reach and understand business professionals online, we’ve built the world’s largest business audience and an unparalleled network of top-tier business publishers,” said Russell Glass, Bizo’s CEO. “We’ve had considerable demand from our advertisers and partners to tap into this premium inventory through RTB, so we are excited for this launch and anticipate continued strong demand and results from BAX for our advertisers and publisher partners.”

Select Bizo partners have been participating in a private Beta of BAX since earlier this year. These beta partners have been actively accessing BAX to bid on Bizo inventory in real-time to fuel the success of their own campaigns.

“Having BAX as part of the AppNexus inventory ecosystem brings a highly differentiated and premium set of publishers to our marketplace,” said Brian O’Kelley, AppNexus’s CEO. “At the same time, our platform provides Bizo the flexibility to meet the needs of their publishers and advertisers. We are excited to work together to bring their vision of a business audience exchange to fruition.”

“Access to quality inventory is a critical component of any marketer’s campaign strategy. Turn connects with display, video and mobile inventory sources across the world that allow our clients to deliver finely targeted audience segments and execute flawless digital campaigns,” said Maureen Little, VP of Business Development, Turn. “We’re pleased to participate in Bizo’s BAX as it will provide our customers with premium inventory to enhance the effectiveness of their digital campaigns.”

“We focus on trying to make it easier for marketers to reach their targeted business audiences and with the launch of BAX, now they have more choice,” said Chris Mann, Bizo’s VP of product management. “Advertisers can come to Bizo and buy our data and inventory directly, they can bid on our data and inventory through RTB, or they can do both. Depending on their goals, we can deliver the right solution.”

About Bizo
Bizo gives marketers instant access to the people who sign the checks at work, and have the most to spend on life: business professionals. Fueled by proprietary demographic data, the Bizo Marketing Platform precisely targets more than 100 million professionals around the world, including more than 80 percent of the U.S. business population. Bizo has won the confidence of more than 500 brands including AMEX, Mercedes Benz, Monster,, Porsche, Microsoft, AT&T and UPS who use Bizo to exert inordinate influence and effectively target their online marketing programs to the business professional audience.

For more information on Bizo, or for a free look at the business demographics of your website audience, visit

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Rachel Vakneen
Sparkpr for Bizo
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