PRN: TalentBin Unveils Breakthrough Talent Search Engine: Transforms the Web Into Largest-Ever Talent Sourcing Database

TalentBin Unveils Breakthrough Talent Search Engine: Transforms the Web Into Largest-Ever Talent Sourcing Database

Available as a Standalone Interface or Application Tracking System Plug-in, TalentBin Social Recruiting Tool Accelerates Talent Discovery and Ensures No Candidate is out of Reach

SAN FRANCISCO, May 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — TalentBin has just turned the entire professional web into the largest talent sourcing database known to mankind with its public launch today. Already serving the social media recruiting needs of over 60 companies such as Intuit, Groupon, Dolby, and Yahoo!, TalentBin’s Talent Search Engine gives recruiters and hiring managers access to the most comprehensive professional profile information available, helping them pinpoint highly qualified, hard-to-find candidates more quickly and accurately than ever before. Available as a standalone search engine or plug-in for existing HRIS, Recruiting CRM, or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), TalentBin merges pertinent career information scattered all over the internet into a single unified web resume, to help recru iters discover, research, and engage with the best talent the web has to offer.

Recruiters and hiring managers face a common challenge: top talent is rarely actively looking for new employment. As a result, their professional profiles on LinkedIn and in other communities typically lack the skills and experience detail needed to help recruiters bring them exciting new opportunities for career growth. TalentBin’s talent search engine was created to address this pain point – to not just discover, but aggregate a candidate’s implicit professional activity: the information they share across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Meetup, Quora, and more. This, coupled with industry-specific social communities like Github, Sourceforge, and Bitbucket for software engineering, bolsters anemic profiles with vital information on skills and expertise. The result is a more complete and accurate profile that provides a 360-degree view of a candidate, covering professional skills to personal interests, all essential information to determining ideal job fit. TalentBin then takes it one step further, compiling all contact information such as email addresses, Twitter handle, and more.

“The sphere of social media presents a rich but unstructured landscape of professionally relevant information, as opposed to common professional networking communities that are typically well structured but relatively information sparse,” explained Peter Kazanjy, Co-Founder of TalentBin. “It turns out, knowledge workers are better defined and understood by what they do and where they go, far more than what they choose to publish in a single profile. We decided to harness this insight by crawling as much of the professional web as possible, deciphering the rich, but unstructured ‘professional exhaust’, and extracting the most critical information to deliver a fully comprehensive web resume.”

Users can access the TalentBin talent search engine from anywhere as a web application, as a browser plug-in for Google Chrome, or within their existing Recruiting CRM, ATS, or HRIS system through an API, the goal of which is to make social recruiting a seamless addition to their talent sourcing and hiring process. Currently, TalentBin has a number of partner integrations underway, and already has over 200,000,000 candidate profiles cultivated from over thirty professional social media communities, and steadily growing.

“TalentBin has proven to be a big advance in how our recruiters find top technical talent,” said Dustin Carper, Employment Brand Strategist at Groupon, the world’s leading local commerce and daily deals company. “Our recruiters and sourcers love it, since it helps them do their jobs more efficiently, and replaces the painstaking manual process of using Google. We made a new hire within the first few months of using TalentBin, and have seen that the overall talent level is much higher than we expected. The time saved and the quality of candidates have made this a very valuable tool for Groupon.”

“As a technology sourcer/recruiter in a highly competitive market, innovative tools like TalentBin give us a competitive advantage,” commented Jennifer Hasche, Recruiter at Intuit. “My sourcing team quickly realized that TalentBin gives us results that other new and traditional tools, alike, just can’t — helping us find many highly qualified candidates that weren’t located with LinkedIn and Google searches. With TalentBin’s talent search engine, it seems nobody is out of reach. We’ve found it to be a massive timesaver and a critical tool in our discovery of top talent.”

To make TalentBin social recruiting a part of your talent acquisition strategy, visit contact

About TalentBin

Based in San Francisco, TalentBin is focused on turbo-charging talent acquisition for recruiters and hiring managers with its talent search engine, turning the web into a virtually endless talent sourcing database. By crawling targeted professional networking sites to cull together composite web resumes – adding vital skills and expertise to traditionally sparse profiles – it helps make fast and definitive job matches. TalentBin has aggregated over 200,000,000 professional profiles to date, and provides user access from anywhere as a web application, as a browser plug-in for Google Chrome, or within existing Recruiting CRM, ATS, or HRIS system through an API. With staff hailing from VMWare, eBay, and LinkedIn, TalentBin is funded by First Round Capital, Charles River Ventures, and Ron Conway’s SV Angel. For more,

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