PRN: Potrero Hill Condo Building Recovers $1.5 Million for Faulty Construction

Potrero Hill Condo Building Recovers $1.5 Million for Faulty Construction

SAN FRANCISCO, May 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — A model work-loft condominium building at the 1000 Pennsylvania Avenue has recouped $1.5 million for numerous construction defects: water intrusion through the roof, windows, decks and doors, as well as leaks in the garage walls themselves. Damages of over $95,000 per unit were recovered.


The 16-unit residential building in The 1000 Pennsylvania Avenue Homeowners Association is off the 280 Freeway in the neighborhood where Potrero Hill and Dogpatch converge. The settlement was reached in mediation after only 2 years from the date of the filing of the complaint in Superior Court. The recovery is being funded by insurance companies for the builder, general contractor and subcontractors.

“Condo owners typically own the airspace inside their unit and the Association has the right and the duty to pursue claims for common area building damage. But Associations only have, on the outset, 10 years from the date of completion to bring these claims. When 1000 Pennsylvania owners realized they needed assistance, we had to move quickly before this date expired,” said attorney Thomas E. Miller of The Miller Law Firm. “While there are other time limits, calendaring the completion date for any Condo Association is a good idea or they forever lose their right to pursue developers’ insurance funds to make costly building repairs.”

The Board of Directors of The 1000 Pennsylvania Avenue Homeowners Association states, “We took the time up front to evaluate our claims with independent experts and this helped resolve this case in only two years. Restoring the value to our Association and our homes is now a possibility.”

According to John Cligny of Association Management Company, “The Board of Directors took the necessary steps to ensure that the Association and their homes would be repaired by seeking expert advice and counsel as soon as defects were discovered, ensuring their rights and increasing the likelihood of a good outcome for the Association. Timely pursuing this claim was key to obtaining a settlement with more than enough funds for repairs.”

Thomas E. Miller and Rachel M. Miller of The Miller Law Firm ( have recovered over $500 million on behalf of Associations with construction defects and are the co-authors of, “Home and Condo Defects: A Consumer Guide to Faulty Construction,” (Seven Locks Press, 2012), available online at

Detailed information regarding this case can be accessed via the San Francisco Superior Court website at, case number CGC-10-496016.

Media Contact: Rachel Miller
(415) 437-1800

SOURCE The Miller Law Firm


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