PRN: Financial Advisors Tap New Amp iPad App to Engage Clients

Financial Advisors Tap New Amp iPad App to Engage Clients

First advisor-branded iPad app creates fun interactive experience, delivers value with "financial planning light"

SAN FRANCISCO, May 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Financial advisors can now use their iPads to interactively engage prospects and clients with the new Amp app from Boulevard R. Now available in the App Store, Amp is the first advisor-branded app designed to engage clients and uncover new advisory opportunities. A short video overview is available here:

“Financial advisors may be using iPads for business and pitch book presentations, but until Amp, there have been no apps that incorporate an advisor’s name, logo and colors while immediately engaging and delivering a ‘financial planning light’ experience to prospective clients and strategic partners,” said industry marketing professional Marie Swift, who writes The Marketing Maven column for Financial Planning magazine. “While advisors are already using Amp’s existing web-based tools and high-converting email marketing services, the iPad app provides a mobile way to engage prospects and clients,” Swift said.

“The Amp iPad app offers the opportunity to engage an intuitive, interactive guide,” said Tim Maurer, CFP®, co-author of The Ultimate Financial Plan and Vice President at Financial Consulate. “It’s impressive how much valuable information is generated from such little effort,” Maurer said.

“After hearing from advisors about how they wanted to use their iPads to better engage people, giving them a custom, advisor-branded app was the natural next step for Amp,” said Matt Iverson, Director of Boulevard R’s product group. “We want to make sure advisors can immediately engage people and lead into conversations that will generate new advisory business,” Iverson said.


The new iPad app focuses on key prospecting features that lets advisors:

  • Engage around financial goals, by starting a conversation on issues that are most top-of-mind
  • Stand out from other advisors, by sung the iPad in an entirely new way
  • Offer their own branded app, by creating a branded experience that puts the firm center stage
  • Identify cross-selling opportunities, by letting prospects and clients tell the advisor what is important
  • Save time when prospecting, by simultaneously providing small groups access to the app

“With the rapid adoption of iPads by advisors, Amp fills a void for advisors who want to effectively use their iPad in prospect meetings or events,” said Iverson. “Soon enough, it won’t be perceived as a differentiator for an advisor to just use an iPad. Advisors need to do something unique with their iPads, whether it’s creating a stunning presentation or using Amp to interactively engage with people. Amp gets prospects and even clients thinking about their financial goals and how those goals impact their financial security,” Iverson said.

Amp’s use of behavioral economics, through Boulevard R’s collaboration with leading behavioral economist and NY Times bestselling author, Dan Ariely from Duke University, contributes to the software’s high completion rate, with an average of 76% of users completing the goals process and receiving a Starter Roadmap PDF.

“The Amp iPad app is a great tool for engaging people at our various in-person marketing events. It is interactive, informative, and easy to use,” said Amp iPad beta user Glenn Scharf, CEO of Scharf Group. “Additionally, it is an excellent way for our junior advisors to break the ice with prospects,” Scharf said.

According to Iverson, the most effective advisors using Amp are active marketers. A recent survey of financial advisors who applied to beta test the Amp app found that:

  • 81% organized client events
  • 81% met with 401(k) plan participants
  • 67% held seminars or public events

“Advisors can now take Amp on their iPad wherever they go and access all the prospect and client data entered into Amp though their online account,” Swift said.

The Amp app is available for free from the App Store or iPad at, when advisors subscribe to an Amp plan.

About Boulevard R

Amp ( is a leading advisor-branded engagement software service from Boulevard R, enabling financial advisors to market online, through email and with their iPads. Amp has different subscription plans based on whether the app is advisor or firm branded. The Financial Planning Association® uses Amp on their website to educate consumers. Amp’s innovation is applying behavioral finance to help advisors better engage prospects and clients, while delivering basic financial planning concepts to further the conversation

SOURCE Boulevard R


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