PRN: exploreB2B Redefines Business Thought Leadership by Combining Employee Expert Knowledge with Advanced Company Profiles

exploreB2B Redefines Business Thought Leadership by Combining Employee Expert Knowledge with Advanced Company Profiles

Global B2B Social Network Brings a Smarter Solution to Professional Networking and B2B Social Media Through Collective Corporate Expertise and Industry Leadership

SAN FRANCISCO, May 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — exploreB2B, the B2B networking service, today launched its Advanced Company Profiles to better establish a company’s internal writers and employees as experts in specific fields. The Advanced Profiles create a system where the sum of employee expertise defines the reputation and thought leadership of the business as a whole – a practice traditionally reserved for a narrow group of company executives.

Company authors and leaders as well as individual employees across a variety of departments can establish greater credibility for the business through new insights and personalities. exploreB2B’s Advanced Company Profiles create another unique asset for both the individual and the organization.

Advanced Company Profile Highlights:

  • Revamped navigation enables single-employee Company Profile control, including topic management, article curation and profile updating
  • Greater search engine optimization (SEO) value via multiple-employee thought leadership contributions
  • Consolidated profiles include all employee thought leadership and category ownership
  • Advanced corporate profiles include company data, product descriptions, personnel, company demographic and contact information

Supporting Quotes:

“Businesses have tremendous untapped thought leadership potential in their employees – thought leadership has long been reserved for a select group of executives, when the employees are often those developing new ideas, strategizing with clients and reading industry insights that foster business ideas. exploreB2B is the first forum where this untapped potential can come to fruition.”

Susanna Gebauer, exploreB2B co-founder and CEO

“Professionals need access to the most relevant information in the shortest amount of time, and they use exploreB2B because we have built a platform that supports the most active thought leaders across multiple industries. We remove the clutter from LinkedIn, and provide a structure unbeknownst to Quora – this is a hybrid social network, and it’s effective.”

Jonathan Gebauer, exploreB2B co-founder and CEO

Upcoming Event
exploreB2B hosts a monthly topic forum which encourages leaders from alternate industries to focus on a specific and contemporary issue influencing multiple sectors. With developments in social media and content marketing, this month’s forum will utilize the Advanced Company Profile feature to discuss issues and solutions surrounding ‘Business Development.’ Forum articles may be written as early as today; articles become part of the live forum beginning May 14th, 2012.

About exploreB2B
exploreB2B was founded in 2010 by siblings Jonathan Gebauer and Dr. Susanna Gebauer. Since November 2010, a beta-version of the platform has been open for public use for German speaking users. In October 2011, the startup closed a financial round with the Program for Research, Innovation and Technology (ProFIT), by the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB), allowing them to expand their market and user base to an international audience. Usage of the basic platform functions is free. Additional premium functions are currently being released for test use, and can be found at

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