PRN: FanCake Rewards Program Launches to Provide Sports Fans with Tickets, Merchandise and Gift Cards Just for Watching Live Sports on TV

FanCake Rewards Program Launches to Provide Sports Fans with Tickets, Merchandise and Gift Cards Just for Watching Live Sports on TV

The First Mobile Sports Social Game Partners with, Kiip, Oracle Arena & Coliseum, ScoreBig and Total Hockey to Bring Rewards to Fans

SAN FRANCISCO, May 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — FanCake, the live social game that rewards fans for watching sports on TV, announced today the launch of the FanCake Rewards Program, rewarding sports fans for their loyalty with sports tickets, merchandise, gift cards and more. The free iOS app becomes the first mobile application to reward sports fans for watching live sports on TV.

FanCake, the first game from Kwarter, a mobile application factory building apps at the intersection of the social, mobile and TV spaces, has signed on an inaugural list of partners to deliver these premium rewards to sports fans, which includes, Kiip, Oracle Arena & Coliseum in Oakland (managed by SMG), ScoreBig and Total Hockey, with more to be added on an ongoing basis.

Players earn rewards by accumulating FanCake Credits through checking into games, catching FanCake medals based on real-time sports moments, taking part in prediction challenges, and commenting on the action taking place during the event. Bonus FanCake Credits are also made available during special and more significant games, and users can also get FanCake Credits from inviting their friends to join the app. The more a fan watches, the more friends they invite, and the better they do in the game, the more credits they will earn.

FanCake Credits can be redeemed for real rewards in the FanCake Catalogue, which features the list of available rewards from the app’s partners. Rewards are delivered through gift cards and online coupon codes, which players can then use towards tickets, merchandise and more. Sample rewards include 20 percent discounts at Fanatics, $20 off tickets from ScoreBig, as well as FanCake Rewards boxes filled with logo stickers, a T-Shirt and other exclusive FanCake items. In addition to these rewards provided by FanCake’s partners, the app also features gift cards from some of the world’s most recognizable brands, like Nike and Papa John’s Pizza.

FanCake provides an enhanced viewing experience and rewards users simply for being a fan and following along within the app as they watch live sports on TV. The app is designed so the most novice to the most hardcore fan can play and win, without requiring a deep understanding of sports or knowledge of season-long statistics. Facebook integration allows users to compete directly with their social circle and share FanCake highlights to their Facebook wall. Users can even tweet directly from within the app.

“Sports fans already enjoy following sports and watching them on TV. Now, with FanCake, we’re rewarding them for doing that,” said Kwarter CEO Carlos Diaz. “The FanCake Rewards Program takes the passive act of watching a game and adds some real interactivity with the added bonus of tangible rewards for participation. With more and more smartphone users now on their phones as they watch TV, FanCake provides a fun, social and rewarding experience on those devices that enhances TV consumption surrounding sports. Sports fans can now get perks normally reserved for those at the stadium right from their phone, wherever they’re watching the game. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

To download the FanCake app on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, visit For more information on Kwarter, go to

About FanCake
FanCake is the first live social game that rewards fans for watching sports on TV. Users play along with live sporting events and earn FanCake Credits by checking into games, catching FanCake Medals, and answering predictive challenges correctly. FanCake Credits get redeemed within the app’s catalogue for tickets, sports merchandise, equipment, and more. The free FanCake app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is the first game from mobile application factory, Kwarter. For more information, visit,, or follow @FanCakeApp on Twitter.

About Kwarter
Kwarter is a mobile application factory building rich, immersive apps at the intersection of the social engagement, mobile and television spaces. Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., Kwarter was founded in 2011 and launched its first app, FanCake, in March 2012. For more information, visit



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