PRN: Patten University Hosts Interactive Session on Google+ Hangout To Help California College Students Discover Summer Courses

Patten University Hosts Interactive Session on Google+ Hangout To Help California College Students Discover Summer Courses

Interactive Video Chat For Prospective Students To Occur on Friday May 4, 2012

OAKLAND, Calif., May 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Patten University ( will host a Google+ hangout on Friday, May 4, 2012, between 12 noon and 1 PM PDT to discuss their online summer course offerings. Representatives from Patten University will be participating in the video hangout, and are encouraging prospective students to ask questions about the courses.


Students interested in joining the hangout should visit Patten University’s Google+ profile ( or RSVP through Facebook:

Transfer Ready, Online Summer Classes

Patten University’s regionally accredited summer courses were designed to ensure California students can access high-quality, transfer-ready classes at prices comparable to, or lower than, tuition at public colleges and universities. The courses are being offered utilizing the learning platform designed by UniversityNow (, a San Francisco based education company.

During the eight-week session, Patten University will offer college courses in various subjects including math, social science, history, government, and English. To learn more information, or to enroll for a class, go to

Using Technology to Improve Education

Budget cuts are denying hundreds of thousands of community college students in California access to classes necessary for on-time graduation. Patten University is leveraging UniversityNow’s technology to make these required classes available to California students.

California high school students can also get an early start to college by taking Patten University’s summer courses online, starting in June 2012. Summer college courses are a great way to differentiate college applications and prepare high school students for college.

About Patten University

Patten University has a longstanding tradition of educating first-generation students with outstanding faculty who know how to support students in their learning and emphasize the importance of social justice and community service. The partnership with UniversityNow enables Patten University to reach a wider population of students who need core academic coursework to advance their education. Patten’s excellent undergraduate and graduate programs inspire and equip men and women for meaningful careers that affect community and global transformation.

About UniversityNow

UniversityNow is a leading education technology company that seeks to address the challenges of college cost, access, and completion rates. UniversityNow’s goal is to help ensure that affordable, high-quality postsecondary education is available to students everywhere.

Contact: Joseph Hurd, 6502153115, joe

SOURCE Patten University


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