PRN: SocialMatica Releases First 2012 Presidential Election Social Media Dashboards

SocialMatica Releases First 2012 Presidential Election Social Media Dashboards

SocialMatica proprietary technology reveals President Obama dominating Mitt Romney in social media ranking and influence

SAN FRANCISCO, April 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — SocialMatica, the innovative leader of social media analytics, today released compelling dashboards of the 2012 presidential election between President Obama and republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. SocialMatica’s semantic data intelligence identifies the vast difference in candidate’s social ranking, showing President Obama significantly ahead of Mitt Romney in the social media world. Complete dashboards can be viewed on SocialMatica’s website (

“SocialMatica had been tracking the GOP race for months, and our technology accurately predicted Mitt Romney as the prevailing republican presidential candidate. We are now focusing on the 2012 presidential election, and these initial results are astounding. Where Mitt Romney clearly led the GOP candidate race, he is significantly behind President Barack Obama in social media ranking. We expected President Obama to be ahead as a result of three years in office and because of that we added a new feature to our dashboard – the inclusion of real-time tweets and online activity over a 24 hour period. Even with that level-setting, we see Mitt Romney notably behind in the race,” said Gary Hermansen, CEO of SocialMatica.

“President Obama and his team have leveraged social media well – it has been a constant marketing, communication strategy and execution tactic. Romney’s team clearly understands the value of social media, influencers and topics as demonstrated during the GOP primary, but will need to significantly increase efforts to leverage this data and to accelerate campaign efforts during the presidential campaign,” continued Hermansen.

SocialMatica provides analysis and rankings of the 2012 presidential election gathered from vast amounts of available online data, including Facebook, blogs, twitter feeds, LinkedIn, online news sites, discussion groups, forums, and web traffic.


Founded in 2010, SocialMatica is a fast-growing analytics company providing fact-based analysis on social rating and footprint. Through its Social Business Platform based on a contextual and semantic analytics engine, SocialMatica combines the depth of rich data analysis with social marketing expertise to drive campaign recommendations to meet social marketing objectives.

Wendy Toth for SocialMatica

SOURCE SocialMatica


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