PRN: Ootem Launches, a Greenspirational Website for the Eco-Minded Lifestyle

Ootem Launches, a Greenspirational Website for the Eco-Minded Lifestyle

SAN FRANCISCO, April 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Ootem, a San Francisco-based agency, launches new website, (DAbB), an online destination for folks who want to make environmentally minded choices that don’t require a fat wallet, science degree, or lifestyle makeover.

“We like to refer to this audience as greenspirational,” says Jason Kelley, president and founder of Ootem. “These are people who want to make positive lifestyle changes, but aren’t willing to construct a windmill in their backyard. Sometimes initiatives to “go green” deliver a heavy message that leave people feeling guilty for not doing enough. DAbB offers practical, attainable tips for going green, geared toward real people with real lives.”

Ootem‘s years of research and experience in this space reveals an audience segment strongly interested in living a greener life, as long as it doesn’t involve an extreme lifestyle change. They would like to choose green products and services, as long as the quality is equal to or better than what they are currently using. Motivations for change include improving the environment, being healthier, and saving money. features eco-friendly tips, articles and products in many categories, including Men, Women, Children, Solar, Technology, and UpCycling. Original content focuses on eas y, real, and attainable ways to go green, and the DAbB team personally select the featured green products that are sold by like-minded companies.

“We’ve been lucky to work with many environmentally minded companies from organic beauty products to green home products to solar installers,” adds Kelley. “We have a passion for this vertical. In fact, everyone who works at Ootem can be described as greenspirational. It has made the creation of a true labor of love. We’re excited to see how it grows.”

Explore guilt-free, practical, green tips at

About Ootem
Ootem is a San Francisco-based agency with a deep passion for connecting brands with consumers through a variety of consumer touch-points, including media planning and buying, creative services, publisher strategy and support, and personal connection media. Experience and passion for eco-minded products and services inspired the agency team to create a greenspirational website,, and solar lead generation website, Find out more at

Contact: Sarah Lessen



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